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You found the strength to say “my husband said he hates me.” Now, you must find courage to decide what to do with an angry, controlling husband. Women often tell me that their husbands hate them, or they hate their husbands. Here’s what to do if your husband calls you names and treats you like dirt.

When Your Husband Says He Hates You

Why Does He Do That

In Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men, Lundy Bancroft describes nine abusive personality types and how to tell if a hateful husband can change, is changing, or ever will. She discusses what can be fixed when a husband hates his wife, and what can’t. She also describes how to leave a relationship safely.

I don’t know if you need to leave your marriage, or if you and your husband can find the root of the hatred and start to heal it. Either way, learning why your husband is so angry and hostile will help you figure out what step to take next.

I always feel so helpless and sad when I read comments from wives trapped in hostile marriages, because I don’t know how to help. I was writing to a woman today – her husband tells her every day how much he hates her – and realized that one of the best ways to help is to share how other women coped with husbands who hated them.

Here’s what one of those women – a woman who left a husband who hated her –  says: “You have only one life to live,” says Sherry. “Don’t look back one day when you’re old and gray and full of regret. My heart hurts for you because I know how hard it is when your husband says he hates you, but believe me you can feel joy and happiness in your heart again.”

Do you want to spend the only life you have hating your husband and him hating you? Do you want that to be what your children remember from their childhood?

When Your Husband Says He Hates You

What to Do When Your Husband Says He Hates You

What to Do When Your Husband Says He Hates You

Here’s the rest of Sherry’s comment: “Your kids cannot be happy if you’re not happy. Plain and simple – you should leave for your kids’ sake. It won’t be easy at first but I can assure you that with a lot of love and patience, you and your kids will be ok. I separated from my kids father 13 years ago and my son asked me why his dad was leaving, and not me! I was broken, but today I’m my son’s queen – he loves me and shows it every day! I am a happy woman. My daughter says she would have loved to grow up with her dad, but understands that we could have never been happy together…”

Even if you don’t have kids, you can’t stay married if your husband hates you! It’s not easy to leave, but you deserve a better life. You owe it to yourself – and your kids – to leave a man who says he hates you.

How Does Your Husband Show His Anger and Hatred?

Here’s what Dee says: “I am 23, and have been married to my husband since I was 15. I started dating him at age 14. Since age 14, I have been physically, verbally and emotionally abused. I have three children with him ages 8, 7, and 6. He is physically and verbally abusive to them also. He has never been any support for me as I am the only person in the home that works: I pay all of the bills, and come home daily to be verbally abused. I am often called b**ch, wh**e, s**t, and any other name you can think of: I am constantly accused of seeing other men. My husband is a monster and the worst person in the world. Please help me, with any advice to get out of this life with him!!!!”

It breaks my heart to hear a woman in so much pain, stuck with a man who is also in a great deal of pain. He’s spreading his pain, anger, and hatred to the rest of his family. He is ruining his children’s childhoods by hating and abusing them and their mother.

Relationship Help

Do you regret the break up? Get Your Ex Back

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Call a Women’s Support Line

I searched for “domestic violence helpline”, and got hundreds of results for my area alone. If you want to get away from a husband who hates you, you need to be proactive and reach out for help.

Calling for help is really hard – my friend’s husband just left her and the kids, and she hasn’t called a divorce lawyer. He told her six months ago that he wanted a divorce, and she could not bring herself to call for help, even though she knew it was the right thing to do. I describe her situation in When Your Husband Wants a Divorce – But Won’t Leave.

I can’t give personal advice or counseling to women whose husbands hate them – or wives who hate their husbands. I can only encourage them to get help in person, not just online.

Start Opening Up to People – Tell Them Your Husband Hates You

husband hates his wife

What to Do When Your Husband Says He Hates You

If my coworker, neighbor, or family member told me that her husband said he hates her, I’d do everything I could to help her get out of the marriage! If you need help leaving your husband, you need to get in-person support. It’s a good to find online support when you think your husband hates you – or you hate him.

But you need help in person, especially if you’re married to an abusive man

You need help organizing your children, finances, and a place to live. You need to talk this through with someone — preferably a counselor or social worker who is experienced and can give you good guidance.

One way to start getting in-person help is by talking to your friends, family, and coworkers. I know it can be really difficult to open up to people, but it’s the first step in leaving your husband. Or, at least it’ll help you gain clarity and insight! You may be surprised at how many women have been in the same situation you’re in today, and how helpful they can be.

Remember that your kids are listening and learning from you and your husband. Do you want them to be in a marriage like this? Show them how strong, courageous, and independent a woman can be.

Keep writing about the steps you’re taking to break free from a husband who hates and controls you. Keep talking to your friends or family members about how he treats you and that you’re thinking of leaving! Those little steps add up to a big journey that will change your life.

Read How Do You Leave an Abusive Relationship? Take One Step at a Time.

Fix Your Marriage

Do you know what to do when your husband says he hates you? I welcome your comments and stories below, but I can’t offer counseling or advice. Please, call a domestic violence helpline if your husband is abusive.

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What to Do When Your Husband Says He Hates You
You found the strength to say "my husband said he hates me." Now, you must find courage to decide what to do with an angry, controlling husband.

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  3 Responses to “What to Do When Your Husband Says He Hates You”

  1. My husband and I met after he had back surgery. He was so sweet and loving. We took it slow and then he couldn’t find a job or keep one with his back problems so he moved in. I supported him as best I could which means we were poor for 3 years until he got his disability. Then we got married. 2 weeks after our marriage he got angry and has been angry ever since. He never touches me or tells me I am pretty. Tonight his tooth hurt and he said it was my fault for not having a job that he is in pain even though when we’ve had money he wouldn’t go back to the dentist and said we didn’t have enough money. He always says we never have enough and screams at me and tells me he hates me now. Then he tells me I don’t get to talk cause its all my fault for not having a job yet. I was so scared tonight. I left an abusive marriage after 16 years and the only difference with this one is he hasn’t hit me. I guess I know I need to leave and then he says he’s having some crisis and in I am again. I have no where to go or I would have left tonight. I got in the car and drove around the corner out of sight and sat there for about a half an hour because I was afraid. Even though he hasn’t hit me I was very afraid. I feel like a zombie tonight. Been crying and I can see this is getting us nowhere except my PTSD is probably acting up and getting worse. It’s not worth this. I feel like a fool being married the 2nd time and this time only 6 months now. It was 2 weeks of heaven and now 6 months of being yelled at and told its my fault for not having work. I am partially disabled too and he doesn’t care how hard it is for me to keep a routine or schedule. Like tonight I’ll probably never be able to go to sleep. I don’t want to go to bed and lie next to him for fear he will wake up and scream at me for waking him up. Why is he like this? Why so nice for 2 weeks and now so mean for 6 months? I feel like he loves money more than me. Yet he won’t spend any on himself except for cigarettes then blames me for not spending any on himself. I feel like he thinks I am the s**t on the bottom of his shoe.

  2. Dear Anoumous,

    I wish you all the best as you look for a job, so you can be free! It’s awful, to live with a husband who says he hates you. May you find a good job quickly, and find freedom from the oppressive chains of your marriage.


  3. I’ve been with my husband for 34 years and had been telling me he hates me and wants me out same as above. Called all kind of names. I do hate him now. It’s hard to get out but I told him when I get a job I will be out. Then I will contact a lawyer and take have of all. I deserve it for the way he treats me. At first I said take it all but why should I let him have all. Let him pay for the way he treats me

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