Nov 262013
7 Signs Your Marriage is Over

Are you going through the normal ups and downs of a long-term relationship, or is it over? These signs a marriage is over will help you see your relationship more clearly. Feeling like you’ve hit rock bottom in your marriage isn’t necessarily the worst thing to happen in your relationship. Sometimes rock bottom is where you need to be, so you can rebuild your marriage. Rock bottom might help you see

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Nov 192013
How to Forgive Yourself for Staying in a Bad Relationship

You saw the signs, but you ignored your intuition. Here’s how to forgive yourself for staying in a bad relationship. These tips on self-forgiveness are inspired by a reader’s comment. She says: “I’ve been in a bad relationship with someone since I was 12. I’m now 21 and have a daughter with my latest and not-so-greatest boyfriend. It’s ridiculous. I have no idea how to function on my own, yet

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Oct 112013
11 Emotions You'll Feel After Breaking Up

After breaking up with someone you love, you will grieve. Here are the most common emotions people feel after a breakup – and how to deal with the heartbreak of letting go. This is a guest post from Kevin Thompson, who has been helping people deal with breakups for two years.  Breakups are confusing. If you know that a relationship is not going to work, why must we grieve when

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Sep 122013
Getting Over an Affair - How Long Does it Take?

There is no set time for getting over an affair, but these tips will help you figure out how long it might take you to heal and move on after cheating in a relationship. Affairs don’t necessarily mean your marriage is over! But, rebuilding a relationship after cheating is tricky when the partner who cheated needs time to get over his lover. It’s painful to think that your partner needs

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Sep 092013
Is My Wife Having an Affair? Signs of Cheating

Believe it or not, thousands of husbands ask “is my wife having an affair?” These signs of cheating include a quick infidelity quiz, to help you determine if your wife is having a relationship with another man. When Yoko Ono said “marriage is a gamble,” she wasn’t kidding. You can marry someone you think is perfectly suited to you…but people change. I bet you never thought you’d be asking if

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Sep 072013
How to Get Over Your Ex Boyfriend When You've Tried Everything

These tips on how to get over your ex boyfriend will help, especially if you’ve tried everything to get over him. You’ll find something here – this is a monster article filled with valuable tips on getting over an ex! These tips are inspired by a reader who says: “I’ve tried everything under the sun to get over my ex boyfriend, but I’m still stuck in the same place. I find

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Jul 182013
How to Cope With Yet Another Failed Relationship

It’s not working out with your boyfriend, but you can’t take another failed relationship. Here are a few tips on overcoming feelings of failure and disappointment. Here’s Bethany’s story about trust and failed relationships; she commented on my article Is Your Husband Cheating? 5 Signs He’s Having an Affair. “My boyfriend has been talking to other girls on Facebook, one being my so called best friend. Their conversations are about

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Jul 052013
Should You Reconcile After a Separation?

If the point of separation is to take time and space to re-evaluate your marriage, then reconciliation after separation is a logical next step. Or is it? How do you know if reconciliation is a better choice than divorce and letting go of the marriage you wish you had? Here’s what one reader says: “My husband is desperately trying to rekindle our marriage [after separation]. I feel he has changed

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Jul 032013
How to Know When You Should Give Up on Your Boyfriend

Here are three big signs you should give up on your boyfriend and stop wasting your time on a guy who doesn’t care about you. If you’re asking if you should give up on your boyfriend, then I think you already know the answer. You deserve better, don’t you? Here’s what a reader said on my article about lending boyfriends money: “My boyfriend keeps asking me to lend him money.

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Jul 022013
How to Get Over Cheating

These tips on how to get over cheating in a relationship are from a family therapist who was shocked to discover her own husband was having an affair. If anyone knows how to recover from cheating, Vikki Stark does. Wife Abandonment Syndrome is a phrase she uses to describe how husbands detach from their wives and move in with the women they cheated with. “The type of man who abandons

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