Apr 172013
How to Hire a Social Media Marketer

Your hands are full doing what you love (writing, creating products, running your business) – you have no time to market your books and brand online! It’s time to hire a social media marketer. Here’s what an author says: “I’ve read a million ‘how to’s’ about social media, and have spent a ton of time creating the array of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Linkedin pages. Plus, of course, my

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Jul 152011
How to Use Speech Recognition Software - 5 Tips for Writers

Using speech recognition software is a great way to become a more productive writer. These tips for writing with voice recognition software will help you to get the most from this tool. Before the tips, a quip: “The good writer, the great writer, has what I have called the three S’s: the power to see, to sense, and to say. That is, he is perceptive, he is feeling, and he

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Nov 252010
Nonprofit Writing - How to Write a Donation Letter to Raise Money

Nonprofit writing – such as writing a donation letter to raise money for a nonprofit organization – is different than writing business letters, newsletters, or reports. These tips for writing donation letters are from my experience fundraising for a hospital in Vancouver, BC. Before my tips, a quip: “When you catch an adjective, kill it,” wrote Mark Twain in a letter to D. W. Bowser in 1880. “No, I don’t mean utterly,

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Nov 162010
Should I Quit My Job to Work as a Writer for Hire?

The $1,000,000 question: “Should I quit my job to work as a writer for hire?” Here are a few tips to help you figure out if you’re ready to work as a freelancer full-time. For me, the biggest sign that I didn’t want to continue working as a freelancer was that I quickly wearied of pitching new article ideas to editors. I don’t regret quitting my day job to work as a writer for hire

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Nov 122010
Business Writing Jobs and Rates – How Much Do Writers Make?

This list of business writing jobs and rates will answer the question, “How much do writers make?” Note that these are business writing jobs and rates – they don’t include web writing, print magazine articles, book royalties, or blogging income. If you want to make money as a freelance writer, you need to read Robert W. Bly’s books. He’s a professional copywriter, internet marketing strategist, and author who’s been making money

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Oct 052010
How to Write a Business Thank You Letter

Knowing how to write a business thank you letter is an important skill for all businesspeople, including freelance writers! Sending a quick note thanking an editor for an assignment may help build a good working relationship and ensure those articles keep getting assigned. And that’s what these business letter writing tips are all about…. “A meaningful note reflects the individual you’re writing to,” writes Florence Isaacs in Just a Note to Say

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Aug 262010
Niche Writers - 5 Reasons to Specialize as a Freelancer

If you’re not a niche writer, you’re losing writing jobs. These reasons to specialize in a particular niche of freelance writing are from professional writer Frances Bula, who recently spoke at the Magazine Writers’ Craft Fair in Vancouver, BC. If you’re looking for niche markets, you might want to invest in the 2015 Writer’s Market: The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published – it lists a ton of different magazines, websites, periodicals, and

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Jul 152010
How to Write About a Boring Topic

Writers have to know how to write about boring topics because we’re not all lucky enough to write about what we love! These five writing tips are from Sarah Danielson, who says…. “Dull content can be the kiss of death for otherwise likeable writers. Being professional and meeting the needs of your clients is one thing, but even if their style is extremely conservative, it doesn’t preclude you from writing

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Jun 102010
How to Write Better Sentences, Better Paragraphs, Better Everything!

Knowing how to write better sentences will help you write better paragraphs, which will help you be a better writer! To paraphrase Shakespeare, “the sentence is the thing.” It’s the foundation of spellbinding books, blogs, or magazine articles! These tips will help you write better sentences, which will create better paragraphs, which will blossom into better books, blog posts, or magazine articles. Before the tips, a quip: “A scrupulous writer, in

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May 042010
5 Ways to Be the Writer Who Gets Hired

Some freelance writers have a steady stream of work — more writing gigs than they can handle! — while other freelancers are always job hunting. These five tips will help you be the writer who keeps getting hired… Before the tips, a quip: “The three things that are most essential to achievement are common sense, hard work and stick-to-it-iv-ness.” ~ Thomas Edison. Successful freelance writers don’t need to write like Elizabeth

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