Jun 302014
10 Tips on How to Write Your Life Story

The first tip on how to write your life story is from John Irving, the next five tips are from the author of “Write Your Memoir”, and the rest are from my research on writing autobiographies, memoirs, life stories, or whatever you want to call them! For a step-by-step guide on writing the story of your life, read Writing the Memoir: From Truth to Art by Judith Barrington. A book like

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Dec 242010
How to Sell eBooks – 7 Tips That Make Selling eBooks Easy

Knowing how to sell ebooks is crucial to earning a living as a writer. Here are seven tips that make selling ebooks seem easy — but it still takes time and effort. These marketing tips aren’t just about selling more books – they’re about figuring out who you are as a writer (your brand) and sharing the news! Before the tips, a quip: “Let advertisers spend the same amount of money

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Nov 232010
How Do I Write an eBook? 5 Writing and Self-Publishing Tips

Question from a blogger: “How do I write an ebook?” These writing and self-publishing tips are based on my experience – I wrote four Quips and Tips ebooks in six months. It’s easy for me to write, format, and self-publish ebooks. Marketing is the hard part! I know how to market them and I’m not afraid of self-promotion, but I’d rather be blogging. (Time to hire a publicist, you say?). “I need to

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Oct 212010
How Do I Write a Book? Fiction Writing Tips From a Bestselling Author

Asking “How do I write a book?” is the first step to getting published! These fiction writing tips are from bestselling author Barbara Taylor Bradford. She’s written dozens of books, and her advice applies to writers of all genres — including freelance writers, bloggers, and web writers. Here’s what Bradford says about getting published: “Basic writing ability is not enough. A would-be novelist must also observe what I call the five ‘D’s.’” Below,

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Aug 192010
How to Let Go of Your Past – A “Quips and Tips” eBook

My third “Quips and Tips” ebook is about letting go of your past; it’s based on my most popular article on Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals (“How to Let Go of Someone You Love”). Every day, that article gets hundreds of hits – and it barely skims the surface of letting go of your past! I wanted to offer more (and better) information about saying goodbye, moving on, and rebuilding

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Jun 282010
Writing eBooks – 10 Tips to Make eBook Writing Easier

Ah, writing ebooks. I love it! These tips will make ebook writing and publishing easier, especially if you want to write a nonfiction ebook (but these tips apply to writing fiction ebooks, too). I’ve written two ebooks about writing and making money blogging, and have learned a lot along the way. Here’s an excerpt from a review of my second ebook, Quips and Tips for Successful Bloggers: “Most of us who

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Jun 162010
5 Tips for Creating Passive Income for Freelance Writers

The more streams of passive income freelance writers have, the happier and wealthier they’ll be! These tips for creating passive income are inspired by Thursday Bram’s recently released The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Passive Income. “It’s a simple truth for freelance writers that, most days, someone else is making more money off our work than we are,” writes Bram in The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Passive Income. “Magazines pay a

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Jun 142010
The Make Money Blogging eBook - and My Top 10 Tips

Writing my “make money blogging” eBook changed my approach to blogging! I learned that most bloggers don’t have the time, energy, or desire to be a six figure blogger — and so Quips and Tips for Successful Bloggers is for us bloggers who want to earn a few hundred (and eventually thousand) dollars a month. A few hundred dollars a month is realistic and achievable goal for most bloggers. Hundreds of thousands of dollars a year isn’t! Here are the

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May 062010
How to Write a Google Adsense Ad to Sell Your eBook

Writing an ebook is a great way to earn passive income…if you can sell it! Google Adsense advertising can be an effective way to promote and sell your book, especially if you’re armed with tips. Here’s what I learned from writing my Google Adsense ad for 73 Ways to Fire Up (or Just Fire) the Muse… Before the tips, a quip: “Never write an advertisement you wouldn’t want your family to read. You

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Apr 262010
Motivation for Writers - Fire Up (or Just Fire) the Writing Muse

Finding the motivation to write is a constant struggle, even for writers who earn a living from writing! What roadblocks do you face? Fear, doubt, uncertainty, lack of time, rejection sensitivity, perfectionism, procrastination, self-criticism, impatience? You’re not alone, my friend. “Everyone has talent; what is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads.” ~ Erica Jong. Helping writers find “the dark place” is why

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