Aug 052009
Increasing Blog Readership - 8 Unusual Ways to Promote Your Blog

You want to increase your blog readership, right? These eight tips for promoting your blog are unusual and effective! The more readers you have, the more you’ll enjoy blogging and writing…and the more money you’ll make as a blogger. If ProBlogger Darren Rowse was starting out in blogging right now, he said he’d use these five strategies together (not just one or two of them): guest posting, networking, advertising, social media, and

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Jul 232009
8 Tips for Maintaining More Than One Blog

These tips for maintaining more than one blog will help you become a more organized, better blogger. Many of these tips are applicable even if you just have one blog – and they’re especially important if you’re considering starting a second or third blog! Here’s my inspiration for this post: “How you maintain your five blogs and keep them all relevant, ongoing and fun?” asked Joe on How to Choose

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Jul 212009

If you’re like me, you’ll want to find the best free WordPress theme for your blog! Choosing a great theme is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a blogger — especially if you want to earn money blogging! I’ve created and maintain six blogs on WordPress; here are my tips for choosing the best free theme for your blog. Before the tips, a quip: “Blogging is an art, same

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Jun 252009
How to Create a Blog Button or Widget for Your Website

These nine tips on how to create a blog button or widget for your website include three reasons why buttons or widgets are so important. You don’t need to have a fancy blog button – it’s better to have a clear, instantly recognizable one. Before the tips, a quip about writing that applies to blogging: “Write while the heat is in you,” said Henry David Thoreau. “The writer who postpones the

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Jun 182009
Increase Your Blog Readership - 5 Ways to Get More Web Traffic

Getting more web traffic is the first step to making money blogging! These five tips for increasing your blog readership are from freelance writer and blogger Susan Johnston, who has a strong blog following. Before her tips, a quip from a professional blogger: “Making money from blogging requires you to do only two things: drive a lot of traffic, then maximize the income from that traffic,” says blogger and “dot

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May 232009

These tips for writers who want to blog full-time are based on my experience. I transitioned from full-time freelance writer to full-time blogger (but I’ll accept magazine assignments when assigned!). Here’s what I’ve learned so far – my tips for writers who want to blog full-time. First, a quip from Sylvia Plath: “And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it,

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May 182009
Make Money Blogging for Writers - 5 Tips for Creating Passive Income

Creating passive income is a great way to for writers to earn money! These tips for making money blogging will help writers monetize their blogs and earn a living with their words. It’s all about developing passive sources of writing income and finding your writer’s voice. Here’s what I recently learned about making money on my blogs — they are blogging tips I wish I would’ve known a year ago! Before the tips, a quip: “Better to write for yourself and

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May 112009
Advertising Amazon Products on Your Blog - Tips for Bloggers

Are you ready to advertise Amazon products on your blog? These tips for bloggers stem from a Big Mistake I made on “Quips and Tips for Successful Writers” — I live to serve as a horrible warning to other bloggers and writers  . Making money blogging can help you fill in the financial gaps between your magazine writing assignments, give you something to work on between gigs, and improve your writing skills. Before my tips, a

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Feb 122009
How to Write Online - Writing Tips From Bloggers and Web Writers

Writing online can be tricky for bloggers and web writers who want to increase their readership. These writing tips are from experienced bloggers and online writers; they range from effective search optimization to linking strategies. Before the tips, a definition of blogging: “Blogging is where the writer really lets his personality show,” says Kelly Robbins of The Copywriting Institute. “Blogging is designed to be personable and encourage interaction – not only by linking to other blogs

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Feb 032009
6 Website and Blog Building Tips

These website and blog building tips from established bloggers, writers, and website consultants will help you create a strong online presence as a writer. The better your website or blog is, the happier you’ll be, the more likely you’ll stay motivated to keep blogging, and the more readers you’ll attract. An upward spiral! Before the tips, a quip from a man who lived 200 years ago: “When you have nothing

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