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Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

I’m Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen – a writer, wife, entrepreneur, God seeker, and adventurous soul who started blogging in 2008. I also play the flute and love romping with my dogs in the forests of North Vancouver.

My “Quips and Tips” blogs occupy me full-time (and beyond!). I love blogging – I love the freedom, creativity, and connection. I just finished my MSW (Master’s of Social Work) at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver.

Random Stuff About Me

  • I lived in Kenya, East Africa for three years. I taught Language Arts and Journalism at Rosslyn Academy – an American school in Nairobi.
  • My degrees are in Education and Psychology from the University of Alberta.
  • As a freelance writer, I’ve written for a wide range of publications, including Reader’s Digest, Woman’s Day, MSN Health, Natural Health, Spirituality & Health, and sometimes More. I also wrote monthly articles for BC Women’s Hospital in Vancouver.
  • I earn a living from my “Quips and Tips” blogs and ebooks.
  • I’m a full-time grad student at the University of British Columbia (UBC), in Vancouver. I’m working towards my MSW (Master’s of Social Work) – I want to get a job in a hospital or clinic, counseling patients who have been diagnosed with chronic illness.
  • My husband and I can’t have kids because of azoospermia, and chose not to get fertility treatments (other than IUI, which is a simple little procedure).

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask below. Better yet, subscribe to get my free articles by email. That’s the best way to ensure we stay connected :-)

My “Quips and Tips” Blogs

The Dog Blog is my latest, greatest blog. I have two dogs – Georgie and Tiffy – and really enjoy learning as much as I can about dogs. The more I learn, the more I share!

Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals covers everything from overcoming career obstacles to making more money. Articles range from toilet training your cat to the best investments for your money. This site helps readers achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals.

Quips and Tips for Successful Writers is all about writing, editing, getting published — and blogging! There, I combine quips from famous published writers with practical writing advice. I write about everything from how to grab your reader by the throat to reasons book manuscripts are rejected.

Quips and Tips for Love and Relationships blends my two favorite topics: love and money. There, I weave finances with relationships — and all articles contain practical money and love tips for couples. My most popular article on that site is about dealing with a toxic ex-wife.

Quips and Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility — because infertility is a drag, but it doesn’t have to make us bitter, angry, or depressed. My husband and I are riding the infertility roller coaster, but it hasn’t destroyed our dreams or crushed our spirits. On that site, I write articles about getting pregnant, dealing with childlessness, and even improving sperm count.

My Quips and Tips eBooks

The “quips and tips” in my ebooks are not the same as the “quips and tips” on my blogs! All my ebooks include information and advice from a wide variety of sources.

My ebooks aren’t just my tips — they’re me tapping into the brains of smart, experienced, educated, helpful people, and sharing what I learned.

75 Ways to Let Go of Someone You Love – to help people let go of the past and move on with their lives. Letting go is one of the most painful things you’ll ever do…but there are ways to make it easier.

80 Ways to Say “I Love You” – to help people like me, who struggle to find the right holiday, anniversary, and birthday gifts for their partners! This ebook is about more than gifts, though — it’s about saying “I love you” and building a more meaningful relationship in small, incredibly important ways every day.

Letting Go of an Animal You Love – for people who are struggling to cope with pet loss. I interviewed veterinarians, grief experts, and pet owners who loved and lost their animals. This ebook contains 75 tips for healing after pet loss.

75 Ways to Make (More) Money Blogging – to help writers and bloggers make money doing what they love! If you spend time and energy on your blog, you deserve to earn a few bucks for your efforts. This ebook isn’t just about making money blogging, it’s about building a better blog.

73 Ways to Fire Up (or Just Fire!) the Muse – to help writers and bloggers overcome fear, self-doubt, criticism, and uncertainty. After all, who wants to read age 95 and wish they had written that bestselling novel? Who wants to die with unfulfilled dreams and desires? Not me.

That’s me in a nutshell! I’d love to hear from you – feel free to comment below.

All good things,


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  1. Hello Leo,

    That’s great that you’ve been helping people virtually! Infertility is a huge issue, and painful for many people.

    Here’s an article that I wrote, to share tips on making money blogging:


    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Laurie,

    Great for ur research work on the fertility….u have been helping many people virtually..
    Have a long journey….
    I am an Asst. Professor in an Engineering college in India…
    I want to earn some money through blogs by writng….can u guide me how to move …

    K.Leo Rajesh

  3. Hi Meghan,

    Thanks for your message, I’ll look up your website.


  4. Hi Laurie –

    I wanted to let you know that the full list of SharecareNow Top 10 – Infertility influencers has been announced. Here is the infographic: and the press release:

    If you’re available and interested, i’d like the opportunity to shoot you an email or have a phone conversation on what exactly Sharecare is and how it’s relevant to you and your community.



  5. I came across your blog and thought it was a great fit for an infertility awareness opportunity we have coming up.

    Clear Passage Physical Therapy, a national network of clinics, is sponsoring a National Infertility Awareness Week campaign called Bundle of Hope. Bundle of Hope is a giveaway meant to raise awareness and support for the infertility community. During National Infertility Awareness Week (April 23 – 30), infertile couples will have the opportunity to share inspiring quotes on social media and enter to win awareness-themed prizes, including a Bundle of Hope gift basket.

    To enter the giveaway, your readers can share their favorite inspirational quotes or words of wisdom that help them cope with the toll of infertility. They can send their submissions by:

    Posting their submissions on Clear Passage’s Facebook page or
    Tweeting them to @clearpassage using the hashtags #NIAW #clearpassage.

    We would love your help in promoting this infertility awareness campaign. We feel that Bundle of Hope will resonate with many of your readers and give them an opportunity to share their inspiring quotes with others in the infertility community.

    If you are interested in being a voice for infertility advocacy, here are more details about getting involved: Bundle of Hope Giveaway. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at alishiac@clearpassage.com.

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Alishia Curtis
    Director of Public Relations

  6. Hi Laurie,

    I am a pursuing a masters in visual anthropology at Goldsmiths University of London, UK. I am doing a research project on representations and imagery of infertility and am wondering if you would be willing to engage in an email correspondence regarding your thoughts on the matter. You can be named or anonymous in the final report, that is entirely your choice.

    I am looking for any observations you’ve had- either images that you felt reflected your experiences, or the lack thereof, inappropriate imagery, symbols you’ve come to identify with- really, anything that comes to mind for you. I’m interested in your opinions and feedback as a ‘lay-expert’ in the world of conception.
    Images within clinics, popular media, art history and art therapy are all of interest to me, as I am trying to gain an understanding of the types of visual representations that are available to couples, and women in particular, who are going through fertility treatments.

    Please let me know if you are interested in participating. Anything from one email to a back-and-forth ‘conversation’ via email would be really beneficial to my research.
    I greatly anticipate your response.



  7. Hi Laurie. I hope this finds you well.

    Have you heard the latest evidence in a government funded study at Adelaide University has found Traditional Chinese Medicine to be more effective in the treatment of female infertility achieving, on average, a 60% increase in pregnancy over 4 months compared to only 30% acheieved with standard allopathic, western, medical fertility enhancing drug treatments or In-vitro fertilization (IVF) over 12 months.

    In summary, female patients who see an licensed herbalist trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine are twice as likely in 1/3 of the time to get pregnant.

    Fantastic news to report!
    Kristen N. Burris, L.Ac., M.S.T.O.M.
    p.s. I was interviewed by the Dr. Oz show today and they are letting me know if I will be featured on their show next week! Exciting! Do you know Dr. Oz or is that an American phenomenon?

  8. Hi Laurie,

    I’m Kate, the Health and Entertainment Editor at Opposing Views in Los Angeles. I really enjoy reading Quips and Tips for Couples Coping with Infertility — great content. I’d like to invite you to share your work with our readers.

    We’re a media site that publishes content from hundreds of contributors and experts like the NRA, PETA, the DOJ and Amnesty International. Our traffic is over 750K a month and growing.

    In order to build out our health and fertility section, we’re reaching out to qualified writers on the subject. I think your blog would be a strong addition.

    What does that mean exactly? Essentially, you would give us permission to publish content from your RSS feed. You’d be listed as a contributor, which includes bylines, a profile and links. You get full attribution (promoting your site), and some of your content will be added to Google News, Facebook and Twitter. Your work will also be seen on associate sites run by Deep Dive Media. This way, you’ll reach an even wider audience.

    Thanks for taking a minute to consider joining us, and please let me know if you are interested.

    Kate Wharmby Seldman
    Health and Entertainment Editor
    Opposing Views
    Los Angeles, CA

  9. Hello.

    Please read how IVF medications led to my breast cancer and how a breast cancer study using genetic testing to check estrogen metabolism is saving my life.

    Please share my story with all women who have used or are considering IVF, HRT and anyone with estrogen positive breast cancer.

  10. Hi Laurie:
    I was really pleased to find your site, particularly the piece about pregnancy over 40. Ironically, I received your information from one of my readers in Australia. I’m a Canadian (visited Bowen many times and believe I connected with Gini Grey when I was in North Van) who is now living in California.

    I was blessed to conceive both of my children naturally and give birth just before turning 42 and 44. I was so affected by the societal, cultural, psychological and physical issues facing over-40 moms that I launched a website to support them: , along with a networking group for over-40 moms and childbirth, wellness and financial professionals.

    I write regularly on fertility over-40 and many readers are women who are trying to get pregnant after 40. I think they could really benefit from your site. I wonder if you’d like to link? I would also love to interview you for my blog–would you be interested?

    Hope to connect with you soon! Angel

  11. Thanks for your comment, Kristen — you sound like just the infertility expert I’m looking for!

    I’ve emailed you directly, and hope you’ll be part of Quips & Tips :-)

  12. Hi Laurie,
    What a fantastic blog you have! Please let me know how I may help you with my expertise. I have been treating infertility for 10 years and have personally avoided getting a hysterectomy with Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, and Supplement Therapy. I treat complicated infertility cases with natural medicine ranging from unexplained infertility, endometriosis, annovulation, PCOS, and luteal phase defect (to name a few). I am happy to answer any questions for you and your bloggers. I have also served on the board of RESOLVE ( an non-profit supporting couples who have a difficult time getting pregnant). Over the years I have attended hundreds of embryo transfers and know the benefits of ART with Acupuncture very well.
    To Fertile Findings,
    Kristen Burris, L.Ac., M.S.T.O.M., Dip. Ac.

  13. Thanks, InfertileNaomi — I look forward to checking out your blog…

  14. Best of luck on your fertility journey!

  15. Thanks for the tip, Kelly…I’ll head over to Dawn’s site now!

  16. You should interview Dawn Davenport at Creatingafamily.com – she has an adoption book and a great radio show.

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