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Here are a variety of tips on how to get regular periods, from exercise to vitamin D supplements to dairy products. You want regular periods because they  make life easier, healthier, and happier! These tips for regulating your menstrual cycle are based on the most common questions I get from my readers.

Tips on How to Get Regular Periods

The Woman’s Yoga Book for All Phases of the Menstrual Cycle

If you’re looking for exercises to regulate your period, get The Woman’s Yoga Book: Asana and Pranayama for All Phases of the Menstrual Cycle by Bobby Clennell and Geeta S. Iyengar.

If you want regular periods, try as many natural ways to regulate your cycle as possible. Eat healthy foods, try complementary health treatments such as acupuncture, adhere to a regular sleep schedule, and do exercises that decrease stress. These will help regulate your hormones, which will regulate your menstrual cycle.

Have you thought about herbal remedies to get regular periods? Read Women, Hormones and the Menstrual Cycle: Herbal & Medical Solutions. It offers practical help and information for amenorrhea (no periods), irregular periods, period pain, and more.

And, one of my favorite books about women’s health and menstruation is The Venus Week: Discover the Powerful Secret of Your Cycle…at Any Age, because it goes beyond a woman’s cycle! It describes how to get regular periods, but it’s also about empowering us women to accept our amazing bodies. Here are several questions about and tips for regulating your menstrual cycle naturally…

A Variety of Tips on How to Get Regular Periods

Many women experience one or two irregular periods every six months. This isn’t usually caused by a serious medical condition, but if you’re worried about your period or other health issue, don’t wait to see your family doctor or gynecologist!

Not getting your period for six months goes beyond “just” having irregular periods. Not getting your period is called amenorrhea — a total absence of menstruation. Irregular periods or oligomenorrhoea is when you get your period every month (more or less), but it comes at totally different times and at different flows (heavy one month, light the next).

Q: I’m 20 years old and I haven’t had my period in several months…I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. I don’t have the money for a doctor visit and I’m scared something is wrong with me.

A: Look for a free medical or health clinic for women in your area. Your health is too precious to ignore! Some clinics offer free physical checkups at no charge, but it depends where you live. I suggest calling your local women’s help line for information on free or low-cost physician visits.

If you have don’t have a regular period, you first need to determine the cause of your irregular menstrual cycle. The most common cause of infrequent periods is polycystic ovaries. About 10% of women are affected by this common health condition, which causes very small (less than 1 cm) cysts on the ovaries. It’s associated with a hormone imbalance.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome leads to irregular ovulation and an irregular menstrual cycle. To diagnose polycystic ovaries, you need one or more blood tests to measure hormones. And, a pelvic ultrasound scan of the ovaries is often taken as an additional test.

Seeing a doctor in person really is the most important thing you can do to get your menstrual cycle regular again! And, the standard health advice always applies: to balance your hormones and regulate your menstrual cycle, get regular exercise (but don’t exercise excessively), eat a healthy diet, get the sleep your body needs, and deal with stress in healthy ways. And, if you’re taking prescription medication, find out if it affects your hormones (which affects your period).

If you want to get pregnant, read When You Can’t Predict Your Periods and Want to Get Pregnant.

Making Spotty Periods Regular

Q: I’m almost 19 and my periods have never been regular. I have anemia and sometimes my periods will skip 2-3 months or just be a few weeks late. What could be causing this and what is a safe way to regulate my periods?

If you’re anemic, then you don’t have enough iron in your body to support regular periods. To make your period regular, you need to figure out the cause of the anemia (low body weight? blood loss from another health issue?), and treat that. And, you need to take iron pills or eat iron-rich foods to boost your iron levels. Both these suggestions require a visit to the doctor, I think. Some pharmacies won’t sell iron pills without a doctor’s prescription (depending on where you live). So, get thee to a doctor and get your anemia checked and treated….

Also, your hormones influence menstruation. If your hormones aren’t in balance, your period won’t be regular. If your periods are irregular, ask your doctor to measure the hormones in your blood. A test like this will help determine if you have a serious hormonal problem. But, note that some doctors belief that since “normal” varies greatly with regard to women’s hormones, blood tests may not be the best measure of the more subtle imbalances in your cycle. If you have irregular cycles, you need to talk to your doctor to determine the best tests.

Age and Irregular Menstruation

Q: I’m 37 and have two children. Could my irregular periods be because I am getting older?

how to regulate your menstrual cycle

Having a regular cycle will make you dance on the furniture! (image by Evil Erin, flickr)

Our bodies — and our menstrual cycles — definitely change as we age. Many women have irregular periods in their teens, and more regular ones as they reach their early 20s. Other women, however, always have irregular periods no matter what…and still others are like clockwork from day one!

Weight also influences hormonal balance and menstruation. If you’re overweight or underweight, your hormones will stop working properly and your periods might stop altogether. Recent research has also shown that obesity can throw hormones out of balance and make it harder for women get pregnant.

Stress also affects the hormones. Many women find that if they are worried about something, it can influence menstruation. In some cases, a woman’s period might actually stop if she is very worried about whether she is pregnant!

Periods, Fertility, and Dairy Products

Q: I’ve read that low-fat dairy products actually increase infertility risks while full-fat dairy products reduce them. Could incorporating a little full-fat dairy into my diet help regulate my menstrual cycle?

Yes, research that indicates that full-fat dairy products can increase fertility levels. Incorporating a little fat into your diet may help regulate your period. Balanced, regular hormones lead to a regular menstrual cycle (including ovulation and fertility, which helps you get pregnant!). The way dairy products are processed (to make dairy low fat) may affect the proteins, which in turn affects our hormones.

If you have any questions or thoughts about regular periods, please comment below. I can’t answer questions on how to get regular periods, nor can I give medical advice.

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  1. Dear Pooja,

    What did the gynecologist say when you went for an in-person examination, to talk about how to get regular periods?


  2. Hi,
    Em 24 y/o. It’s been 3 months but still I don’t have a menstruation. What shall I do? I’m worried. Thank u..

  3. Dear Sathya,

    I can’t advise you on whether you should continue the Siddha treatment for regulating your menstrual cycle, but I do know that it can take weeks or even months for a medication to take effect. Sometimes it’s important to take a treatment for three months before you decide it’s not working.

    What does your gynecologist or naturopathic health doctor say about this treatment for getting regular periods?


  4. Hai I m 25 years old lady I have irregular periods I had consult doctor and taken allopathy medicine to regular periods and tried to get pregrnent but not so I m going to siddha treatment now but its also not working what to do shall I continue siddha medicine or not pls tell

  5. If you want to regulate your periods, you need to see a gynecologist in person. Get a pap smear or other test to determine why you aren’t menstruating regularly. Trying exercises, such as yoga, might help. I don’t know about herbal remedies – it really depends on what medications you’re taking and the reason you aren’t getting regular periods.

  6. hai i am 23 i have regular periods after marriage also i have regular periods. i tried for babby from past 4 months from that i got irregulaar periods what to do

  7. Hi Laurie! Thanks loads for your information and tips regarding irregular periods. Its’s comforting to know I’m not alone. Am keeping track of your blogs and taking your note of your advice.

  8. hi from starting of my mensturtal cycle i have my iregular periods recently i got married after that i met a gynacolgist she done the test like scan tyroid ploy test in that everything is fine she said weight lose after i got 2 months periods upto feb 9th i got periods but from past one month i am not having period am i pregnant upto 2 yrs i dont want pregnancy due to some personal reason how to get solution to my pblm

  9. i am 23 years age i am suffering for irregular periods i consult so many doctors but no use plz tell me what i do for regular periods

  10. Hey iam 22 last from 2 years iam not getting proper periods iam 47kg bleeding is only for 2 days n very light what it can be .

  11. helo doc…im nt getng my perods regular….before i use to get 4 day..but nw im bleedng sometimes how can i knw da reson

  12. I have not had my period in 8 months. At the end of march i had spotting on and off for about a week but then nothing. I went to doctors and had a thyroid test was neg, I’m not pregnant help me please. I just turned 28.

  13. What does your gynecologist or doctor say about your periods? Have you had a pap smear or check up? That’s the first step in trying to get regular periods – as well as staying healthy, exercising, and eating nutritious foods.

    I’m sorry I can’t give medical advice, or help you diagnose your period problem. You need to talk to a doctor and get examined in person.


  14. Hi, I am Sneha, I am recently married. During marriage, i had taken medicines to avoid periods. However, I got my periods after some days. Later to that It has been more than 2 months that I haven’t received my periods and the pregnancy tests are negative. Pl. help me what should I do?

  15. hi iam 32yrs old and having irregular mensus and am trying to conceive soon as possible so please tell me what to do and what not

  16. Hi doc
    i am 31 yrs , single & from last two months i am noticing that i am get less bleeding . I have lost weight as i was with was over weight but with yog .wht shd i do

  17. Hi, I’m 19 y/o. It’s been 4 months but still I don’t have a menstruation. Do you think it’s normal? What shall I do? I’m worried. :( Thank you.

  18. Hi Doc!
    Am Juliee, Am 23yrs old, am married since 2012.. Trying for a baby. I have irregular periods and i have been under follicular study for 6 months, every month my doc prescribes Clomid, metformin and HCG injection 10000units. after 6 month of treatment i had a chemical pregnancy.. Why it happened.. how long it ll take to cure.. I eat all healthy vegetables and food… I never skip food or avoid any vegetables.. I follow a healthy diet… I dont understand… Stressed a lot.. Please help me… Am Expecting the Answer which could really help me…

  19. If you want regular periods, you need to visit your doctor in person — get a pap smear and/or other gynecological exam! The internet can be a great place for basic facts, but not in-depth medical advice.

  20. Helloooooo Doc!
    I am not having my regular periods since 19 years of age .Last time i had periods 2months back.I am not getting my periods.I have gained a lot of weight,I am single,

  21. hi mam i am 23, i have matured on 13 of my age. from that on wards i haven’t get irregular periods.for example, if my period date is 4th i will get on 3,4,5 dates like that. but now it has gone 15 days late. i had sex several times with condom. now i taken pregnancy test also, it was negative, but why i am not getting my periods i had no health problem please give me the solution….

  22. i dint get periods from 3 months and i am 22 years old .pls suggest me how to get regular periods

  23. hi’ iam 25.me nd my husbasnd trying for babby for the 4 months but seems not to happened.i always had regular perids but from last 2 month they became irragular.what should i do to regular my periods.

  24. my g.f not getting regular period last month she took unwanted-72 pill
    last month periods are came but dis month she is not getting pls help me out as soon as possible


  25. I’m 18 and i have irregular periods. since last year’s August, i still haven’t got my period. i’m a virgin. my first period when i was 14. i’ve gain 12pounds since i was 14. does this mean that my period is irregular because of the amount of weight i’ve gain?

  26. I m 15 & I m a virgin . I usually have irregular period . This time I had my period ten days after my last period ended . I m very worried . Pls help me out .

  27. hi im jenny, 31yrs old, i have iregular menstraution, i am worried, i want to get pregnant asap. pls help. tnx

  28. Exercise and diet can help women get regular periods – but it really depends on why your periods aren’t normal! I can’t tell you what exercises to do or foods to eat to make your periods regular, because you may have a health issue that is affecting your hormones and menstrual cycle.

    If you can’t afford a doctor, I don’t know what to say. Can you ask your parents for a loan, or go to a free clinic?

  29. pls i have been having irregular menses but i got pregnant and i aborted it because i wasnt ready and was young at dat time after i started taking birth pills for 9month ive stopped taknig the pills because i want to get pregnant but after i stopped taking it i had regular menses for 6month then after dat i havnt had my menses for 2month i did pregnancy text but showed negative. ive done blood text n visited gynecologist n result shows my hormones are low nd she said i shd take folic everyday dat it will solve it. seriously i want to get pregnant wat shd i do or was it because of the abortion i did earlier. pls i need ans.

  30. hi…am 22..i used to have a normal bleed during menstrual cycle..but from past 2 months i am bleeding low..i dont understand what might be the reason for this…could you please help me..
    thanks in advance

  31. hi…em 21 years old n suffering frm polycystic ovaries..i have done medication for 2 yearz..but after completing my medication again my problm startd..what should i do now?im very tensed..i cant afford doctors heavy fees..tell me some exercise or something else..my weight is 50kg n height is 5’4…waiting for ur reply…

  32. Dear Dee,

    Have you gone to the gynecologist for tests on what could be making your period so irregular? There are a number of factors that could cause it, or it could be something as “simple” as stress, weight gain or loss, or lack of sleep. The best way to figure it out is to talk to a doctor or naturopath in person, and get a physical examination.

  33. Hi, I have been taking the pill for about 3 and a half years. I stopped taking the pill in July 2012, and since then I have not had a proper period. In December I started spotting blood when I exercise but only when I wipe. That has continued… I have still not had a period. Unsure what to do, I have also been having unprotected sex with my husband for last few months and have done a pregnancy test which has shown negative.

    Any advice?

  34. I’m sorry, but I can’t give advice on how to get regular periods. It depends on your body, your genetics, your health issues, and what prescription medications you’re taking.

    Obesity or weight gain can make your periods irregular, and so can stress and lack of sleep. If you want regular periods, your first step is to go see a gynecologist. Then, if he or she doesn’t help, then go see another one.

    And, make sure you’re eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep for your body, and coping with stress in healthy ways.

    I wish I could be more helpful, but I can’t! You need to get health advice from a doctor who can examine you in person.


  35. hi!i m deeksha ,i m21 yrs. old from one years my peroid is irregular i take advice from ramdev doctor nd i also take pills of ramdev but when i take pills my peroid is regularise nd vice -versa and my fat is also increase md stomach is become fatty , i will do exercise i fill some benefit but after leaving exercise i fill my fat will come , wat can i do ?plz suggesttttttttttt

  36. hi i m 21 yrs old from india
    i hadnt get periods for past four months
    sometimes i see the symptoms of my periods but i dont get the flow:(
    wat could be the reason??
    i m litttle bit obese
    does this affects my periods??

  37. hi, i am suffring from my irregular periods for 3 months. What can i do for regulating my period? plz suggest

  38. hi .. i m zainab from pakistan.. my age is 21 and i m unmarried.. my period wasn’t regular, now I’m not having a period for 4 months. What should i do??

  39. i had sex with my b.f 2 months before and i did not had periods last month so thought i m pregnant so i took unwanted kit (pills) to avoid pregananay ..this i m not having period it has passed 38 days of last cycle . So how could i get my regular periods.,?

  40. hi,
    am 22.. frm india. unmarried, i hav irregular periods frm my age 20. i hav consulted many doctors, everyone giving pills for 6 mnths containss 21 pills in each pack. if i had tat pills for 21 days, in 25th or 26th day i’ll get my periods. but aftr 6 mnths again tat irregular starts. without those pills i got periods last june 2012, but then i did’nt got perods…. and my weight has been increasing. am having natural-B(amway) tablet as a vitamin tablet. but this s beeing used ly frm 8 mnthhs. so pls tel me some suggestions.

  41. hii laurie
    im anamika…21…from india.. im having irregular period…from i attained age… after some months it became normal… now again it became irregular…for 5 months… i tried doing exercise…and jumping..etc..but not coming… temme a way to get my mensus regular…it eating my mind..
    temme a way to do in home itself… due to finance problem i cant go doctor..

  42. plzz help and tell me how i can get regular periods now

  43. Hi Laurie,

    Thanks for your reply. Actually am more happy here living with my husband. The problem is the weather over here in US it changes and my body don’t get heat its always cold did and ate all which is needed even then its not. And regarding the medicine i searched and asked the doc nothing negative even then Am scared.

  44. Dear Sara,

    I don’t know what to say – I’m not a doctor and I don’t know anything about medications. The good news is that your blood tests came back as normal!

    Are you stressed out about your move to the US? Stress has a direct effect on our hormones, which directly affects our periods and overall health.

    Have you researched the prescription medication, to make sure it doesn’t impact your future fertility? Did you ask your doctor if it would stop you from getting pregnant in the future?

    Do you remember what medication you got in India, that regulated your period?

    I’m afraid I can’t be more helpful. But, many women have irregular periods all their lives. I just got my period today, which is exactly four weeks from my last period. But last month, my period was 2 weeks late. I believe irregular periods are just part of being a woman – and our periods are affected by our weight, lifestyles, stress level, exercise, food, etc.

    I wish you all the best in the US, and hope you’re able to find the right solutions for your health.


  45. Dear Anna,

    Maybe you lost too much weight – sometimes extreme weight loss or weight gain can cause irregular periods.

    I’m glad you got checked out by a doctor. It’s true that teens often have irregular periods – and some women have irregular periods all their lives. The good news is that all your test results came back normal!

    My advice is to wait for 6 months, and try not to stress out about your periods. If they’re still irregular after 6 months, then go see a different doctor.

    Remember that our bodies and health are constantly in flux, and rarely predictable! But you have to trust that your body is healthy and strong, and your period will be normal again.

    Also, make sure you’re of a normal, healthy body weight. Eat regularly, and eat healthy foods. And don’t forget to exercise for 30 minutes a day!


  46. hai im 13 and i have hade my periods for 3 years.my periods had been regular untill i decided to be on a diet which was last year.and i lost 10kgs!then om may i had my periods then ididn’t get it till august 17th! it finished on the 24th then i had it on september 13th and finished on the 16th .and i haven’t got it till now, which is 3 months.during august i went a gynecologist and they did ultra sound scan and thyroid test and it was all normal they said that it was normal to get irregular periods in teens. but im scared that i might be ammenhorrea. pleae give me some advice/

  47. Hi,

    I am from India. I am married and i came to US(north east) on october 2011 and still over here. When i was in India i was having regular periods once in two years or so i would get irregular but still i would goto doc and clear up everything but after coming to US for past 9months my periods is irregular so i went to doc over here in april 2012 and he asked me to take medroxy progesteron( 10 mg) for 10days and also they took blood test and said everything is normal but still i am taking the pills( dec 2012) in the middle for 3months my periods( july-september) was been regular now again it became irregular and finally this month i took the tab which doc prescribed for 10days i took it and its been 14 days but still i haven’t got my periods i don’t know what to do and also taking medicines like this would cause problems i think…. please help…. And to your note doc has given refills for a year…. Please help me i am scared whether i would get any problems in getting pregnant. For your information i am not pregnant i took the test too.

  48. Hi Sasha,

    If your period isn’t regular, you may have a more difficult time getting pregnant. But, at age 19, you’re more likely to get pregnant faster than if you were in your 20s and 30s – that’s the good news!

    Have you talked to your doctor about why your menstrual cycle isn’t regular?

  49. Hi I’m 19 me and my husband been trying to have an baby but seems not to happened. I always had an irregular pd. I don’t know what to do :/

  50. If the above tips don’t help you regulate your periods, then you need to see a gynecologist in person. Please don’t seek medical advice over the internet, because you could do serious damage to your health!

    The only person you should get medication or health advice from is a gynecologist or health practictioner who has examined you in person. Regulating your period may seem like something you can do online, but there could be underlying issues that are causing problems in your menstrual cycle.

    Please see a doctor in person. If one doctor doesn’t help, then see another one. Get a second opinion.

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