I live in Vancouver, BC with my husband Bruce, my dog Georgie, and my cat Nunki. We can't have kids, and we've made peace with it. I'm an introverted writer and morning lark! I love school, wine, animals, God, and my Quips and Tips blogs.

Oct 182013
What to Eat to Get Pregnant

In this article, I summarize two recent research studies on eating to get pregnant. One is about fertility and nutrition; the other is about foods that lower blood pressure. Women who watch their weight and closely follow a Mediterranean-style diet high in vegetables, vegetable oils, fish and beans may increase their chance of becoming pregnant, according to dietitians at Loyola University Health System (LUHS). “Establishing a healthy eating pattern and weight is a good first

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Oct 172013
Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs for Pregnancy

Here’s a summary of how Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs can help you get pregnant, from a reproductive wellness practitioner in Vancouver, BC, Canada. “I find acupuncture extremely helpful with patients dealing with infertility, whether they are going through assisted reproductive procedures or just trying on their own,” says Dr. Mubina Jiwa, BSc., ND, Director of Essence of Health in Toronto, Ontario. “These days, many people are diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility.’ Chinese medicine and acupuncture is very helpful

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Oct 112013
Eating Disorders and Getting Pregnant

Is it possible that your “unexplained infertility” is because of an eating disorder? Getting pregnant takes about a year on average, but if you have an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia nervosa, your fertility will be affected. Here’s what research from the University of Helsinki says about eating disorders and getting pregnant: Women with eating disorders are less likely to have children than others in the same age group, indicates a study conducted

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Aug 062013
Do Antioxidants Increase Fertility?

A common question about getting pregnant is whether antioxidants increase fertility in women and men. The research will surprise you! In A Surprising Cause of Infertility in Women – Antioxidants, research suggests that antioxidants don’t increase female fertility. In fact, they may decrease fertility in women. A snippet from that article: “Research shows that antioxidants improve health and slow the aging process by neutralizing harmful free radicals in our body. But, this fertility research about

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Jul 182013
The Link Between Childhood Cancer and Infertility

Past research shows that survivors of childhood cancer are at risk for infertility, but this new study reveals that pregnancy is just as possible for cancer survivors as for people who have never had cancer. Researchers at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center and Brigham and Women’s Hospital used data from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study to look at the link between childhood cancer and infertility. “What we found delivers a really nice message

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Jul 042013
Online Fertility Help

Finding help for fertility problems on the internet is easy, efficient, and fast. Here’s how to protect your health while benefiting from online fertility help. One of the things that makes me uncomfortable with this blog – Quips and Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility – is that so many people ask me for medical advice and fertility help. I’m not a doctor – I’m just a writer who can’t have kids, so I blog

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Jun 282013
How to Get Pregnant - 5 Most Important Tips From the NIH

Some women get pregnant fast, while others have to read and search for tips on how to get pregnant for years before the sperm and the egg unite. It’s frustrating and sad when you want to get pregnant, but can’t. I know – my husband and I tried to get pregnant for about five years. We went through infertility treatments, acupuncture to improve fertility, and intense prayer sessions. Nothing worked! So, we accept that having

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Jun 272013
How Doctors Diagnose Infertility

Are you infertile, or just having trouble getting pregnant? If you go to the doctor, here’s how a diagnosis of infertility will happen. “Infertility” is a term that describes when a couple is unable to conceive a child after a year of having sex without birth control. In women who are older than age 35, infertility may be diagnosed with a shorter timeframe of six months of trying to conceive. The term “infertility” also is used

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Jun 232013
How Increasing Blood Flow Improves Fertility

Different methods of improving fertility work for different people. I recently discovered that increasing blood flow is a holistic approach to fertility and a healthy pregnancy. When I think back to when we were trying to get pregnant, I remember how acupuncture was supposed to open our stagnated liver qi. Our flow was blocked; acupuncture was meant to open the blockages and release the energy. Acupuncture didn’t work to improve our fertility or get us

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Jun 012013
Fertility App to Help Women Get Pregnant

A fertility tracker called Glow uses ovulation cycle forecasts and data analytics to advise women on the best times to conceive. This fertility app is for the iPhone, and was created by the co-founder of PayPal. “My wife and I were lucky. We had our children without any issues,” said Max Levchin to Lauren Goode in Max Levchin’s New Plan: To Get You Pregnant (And Improve Health Care in the Process). “But we have people

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