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Certain foods and beverages can regulate your menstrual cycle, especially if you have irregular periods or amenorrhea (no periods at all). Knowing what foods make your menstrual cycle regular will help you feel healthy and happy, and balance your hormones.

Foods That Make Your Menstrual Cycle Regular

Hot Water Bottle to Regulate Your Period

Heritage Store Castor Oil is a new-to-me way to make your menstrual cycle regular. Food is the focus of this article – but I found an article about the benefits of a castor oil pack and a Rubber Hot Water Bottle With a Cute Knit Cover to balance your hormones.

Here’s how to use castor oil and hot water bottles to regulate your period: Moisten a flannel pack (an old T-shirt will do) with warmed castor oil. Place the oil-side down on your lower abdomen with a hot-water bottle on top of the flannel pack. Cover with a towel. Do this daily for an hour – but not when you’re getting your period) for a few months. Then, gradually reduce frequency to twice a month. Claudia Welch, author of Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life, says your period might become heavier or more painful, but that’s just stagnation clearing from the uterus.

Before we get into the list of foods that make your menstrual cycle regular, here’s something interesting about getting your period: “When estrogen is high during their cycle, women are more at ease with themselves,” writes Dr Booth in The Venus Week. “They are more confident performing tasks and accomplishing goals and more socially agile and bale to articulate themselves more fully and clearly.” This is one of the benefits of getting your period – but first you have to learn how to get regular periods.

5 Foods That Make Your Menstrual Cycle Regular

If your period is irregular or nonexistent, you won’t benefit from the effects of high estrogen. The point of highest estrogen is your pre-ovulatory stage. If you’re on a 28 day cycle, ovulation occurs from days 12-16 (though it varies, depending on your stress level, the foods you eat, the exercise you’re doing, etc). This means that pre-ovulation occurs on about days 8-11 (but again, it varies from woman to woman).

Your first step in regulating your periods is figuring out what’s causing an irregular menstrual cycle. Once you determine the cause, you’ll be better able to find an effective treatment. Read 6 Things That Cause Irregular Periods.

Omega-3 fatty acids – salmon, sardines, fish oil supplements

The blood vessels in your ovaries are tiny, which makes them vulnerable to damage and poor circulation. Smoking, obesity, and high cholesterol can negatively affect your ovarian blood vessels, which blocks hormones and blood flow. Fish oils enhance blood circulation, reduce damage from free radicals, fight the effects of aging, and increase dopamine (which improves your mood!).

Fish Oil Food for Regular Periods

Fish Oil – Food for Regular Periods

The Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement can help make your menstrual cycle regular even though it’s not a food. Dr Rebecca Booth, author of The Venus Week: Discover the Powerful Secret of Your Cycle…at Any Age, recommends adding a fish oil supplement to your diet instead of eating a lot of fish because of the mercury in some tuna, swordfish, mackerel, etc.

Non-white foods to regulate your menstrual cycle

Most natural foods are not white, so you can assume that if a food is white, it is probably processed to the point of being unhealthy! To make your menstrual cycle regular, avoid white flour, sugar, white potatoes, white bread, white pasta, and white rice. They disrupt your menstrual cycle by creating insulin surges that result in fat storage. This excess fat storage negatively affects ovulation and your periods – and can cause irregular periods. Stop eating food that is white as a way to get regular periods.

Protein – cottage cheese, lean meats, nuts to balance your hormones

I’ve been putting cottage cheese on my salad every day at lunch instead of salad dressing. “Finding sources of balanced protein can be a challenge for busy women, but it is a must for hormonal balance, writes Dr Booth in The Venus Week. The more you balance your hormones, the more regular your menstrual cycle will be. Plant proteins are especially good for enhancing fertility and hormonal balance: almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cheese, hard boiled eggs, soy chips, hummus, canned sardines, and edamame.

5 Foods That Make Your Menstrual Cycle RegularHealthy beverages – because your cycle is affected by what you drink

Another “food” to make menstruation regular is nettle leaf tea. If you haven’t tried herbal tea to regulate your cycle, check out Yogi Woman’s Energy Tea. It’s made with nettle leaf, which some say is good for regular periods.

Vitamin D for regular periods

“Vitamin D is a little hard to come by in food,” writes Dr Booth. Eat vitamin D-fortified milk products, tuna, egg yolks, salmon, sardines, and (yuck) cod liver oil. I also drink lots of skim milk, which has vitamin D added.

If you aren’t getting enough vitamin D, check out the Vitamin D3 Softgel Supplement. This vitamin improves communication between your cells, which stabilizes your hormones. Vitamin D is also vital in cancer protection – especially breast, colon, ovarian, and prostate cancers.

To increase your vitamin D and make your menstrual cycle regular, make sure you getting enough sunlight. Where you live and the color of your skin determines how much time you should spend in the sun, but my research tells me that the average North American should spend about 10 minutes in the sun about 2-3 times per week. If you aren’t getting enough vitamin D and you want to regulate your menstrual cycle, check out the vitamin D supplement.

Dark chocolate to balance your menstrual cycle

Chocolate contains flavenoids, which have estrogen-like activity and help improve circulation by reducing platelet clumping, writes Dr Booth in The Venus Week. Flavenoids also enhance microcirculation in the ovaries and endocrine glands, and increase dopamine (a “feel good” hormone). Not just any old chocolate will do: eat dark chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa solids.

Your comments on how to get regular periods are welcome below. But, I can’t offer personal medical advice! Please talk to a gynecologist or your family doctor in person if you’re having problems with irregular periods and you want to make your menstrual cycle regular.

If your periods are heavy, consider iron supplements

5 Foods That Make Your Menstrual Cycle Regular

Foods That Make Your Menstrual Cycle Regular

I take iron supplements because I have ulcerative colitis, and I had heavy periods. My menstrual cycle was regular, but I didn’t eat enough iron-rich foods. If your periods are both irregular and heavy, you might consider taking iron supplements. One of the common causes of iron deficiency and anemia is heavy bleeding during menstruation. If you don’t get enough iron in your diet or the foods you eat, your body’s iron stores will diminish and you’ll experience fatigue.

Research also shows that iron deficiency caused by anemia may affect your physical performance, cognitive function, mood, and overall quality of life. Iron isn’t an expensive supplement — check out the Solgar Gentle Iron 25 MG Vegetable Capsules on Amazon.

Also – learn about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

While irregular periods are common among teenage girls, an underlying hormonal disorder may be the cause of long-term irregular periods in adult women. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is an endocrine disorder that is characterized by an excess of androgens or male hormones in the body. The imbalance of hormones interferes with the growth and release of eggs from the ovaries, which can prevent ovulation and menstruation.

Menstruation begins on average at age 12 for most women, and a normal menstrual cycle is approximately 28 days. Girls should have a regular menstrual cycle within approximately two years after they get their first period, or by age 17 at the latest. If you’ve been getting your period for more than two years and you’re over 17 years old, you may want to talk to a doctor about how to regulate your period – and you may need more than information about foods to make your menstrual cycle regular.

If you struggle with premenstrual syndrome and want to make your menstrual cycle regular, read How Magnesium Helps Relieve PMS Symptoms.

I welcome your thoughts on these foods that make your periods regular. I can’t offer advice or counseling, but you might get tips from other readers if you share your experience.

May you find the right food and food combinations to make your periods regular and balance your hormones.

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5 Foods That Make Your Menstrual Cycle Regular
Certain food can regulate your menstrual cycle, especially if you have irregular or no periods. Knowing what foods make your menstrual cycle regular will help balance your hormones.
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  1. Neeta, pl.consult another doctor. Can u state the stage of PCOD? It is true that all PCOD are not really so harmful but cure of the disease is primary concern.Better consult with an ayurvedic doc. for cure.

  2. Dear Neeta,

    Thank you for being here, and commenting on my article about foods that make your menstrual cycle regular.

    If I were you, I’d talk to a different gynecologist. It doesn’t seem right that he withholds medicine until after oyu get married! You want to get your periods regulated now, not later — and you need to know if your fertility is affected by the pcod.

    My suggestion is to get a second opinion from a different gynecologist. Your health is very important, and you need to get this taken care before it gets worse — and before you get married!

    Blessings, I wish you all the best as you figure out how to treat your pcod,

  3. Hi All, I am a 28yrs old unmarried girl. My problem is my periods are not at all regular. Sometimes it come by 2-3 months after and doesn’t stop. Then i have to consult my dr. for this. She gave me some medicine to stop bleeding. I consult with gynecologist also. After sonography and blood test it shows that i am suffering from PCOD. He told me not to worry, but he didn’t give me any medicine. He told me after marriage i will give medicine. I am totally confused and worried, as my marriage will be next year. Kindly give me suggestion on this.

  4. Another thing to remember about making your menstrual cycle regular is that hardly anyone has a menstrual cycle that lasts exactly 28 days. There’s wide variation among women’s periods – and what you need to know is what is normal for YOU. Even then, an occasional irregular menstrual cycle is nothing to worry about.

    It’s when the occasional irregular menstrual cycle turns into always having no or irregular periods – that’s when you need to talk to a family doctor or gynecologist about how to make your menstrual cycle regular. Foods can help, but not if you have a problem such as endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome.

  5. Thanks Neha,However, if u live in Kolkata or nearby then definitely you can come to my hospital for checking and necessary treatment.Alternatively if u want, you can contact me at my email address for further consultation.

  6. Thanks for your suggestions Dr. D. Mandal and Laurie. Well i know i should get rid of obesity because it can lead to other problems as well. But I have heard that instense exercise can also cause delay in mensuration. Moreover i dont wanna deprive my body of any essential nutrient by going on dieting

  7. I don’t think there are any “cure all” foods you can eat to make your menstrual cycle regular, because the reason your periods are irregular affects your body’s hormones and cycle. For instance, my periods aren’t regular right now because I’m going through a stressful time. I can eat all the fish oils and healthy veggies in the world, but it won’t make my menstrual period regular because my hormones are affected by other things.

    That’s why it’s of ultimate importance for you to see your gynecologist or family doctor in person, and not rely solely on online help for foods that regulate your periods.

  8. Neha, first thing you must be alert regarding your overweight.You may have a chance of PCO. Secondly,you need to consult doctor as doctor can after checking give you actual medication. You can better consult with an ayurvedic doctor.It seems from your remarks physical checking is essential for u.However as a doctor I can safely recommend “ASHOKARISHTYA” FOR YOU.BUT CONSULTATION WITH DOCTOR IS ESSENTIAL FOR YOU.

  9. Hey,in beginning my period was regular and after few years they are now irregular for many years …I have done many test but still didn’t find a reason for my period not to come regular . They won’t come for months and months which is very upsetting for me.is there anything I can do or eat to regulate my period? Thanks!!

  10. My age is 19. I am 5feet 2 inches tall. My weight is 74 kgs. I have irregular period since last 2 years. At times i dont have period for upto 6 months. I consulted a homeopath doctor and relied on his medicine. But even that helped in making my periods regular for three months. I am still facing irregularities. Haven’t had my period since august. Besides this i m also facing great hair loss. Please suggest me what to do. As i live in a rural area i am quite scared to consult doctors because of the side effects

  11. my period have missed now its 3 months, my suprise is when it get my previous cycle time all signs I used to have appear my at the end nothing comes out what I have to now

  12. To learn the best ways to make your menstrual cycle regular – including foods for regular periods – you need to talk to a doctor in person. A gynecologist is a good place to start. You might even consider talking to a naturopath or doctor of Chinese medicine, perhaps one who specializes in acupuncture or herbs to regulate your hormones.

    Be careful about seeking medical advice on the internet. It’s potentially dangerous to your health to ask for health tips that are specific to your body! A gynecologist or naturopathic doctor should examine you in person before giving medical advice.

    My food tips for women who want to regulate their periods are general, and won’t harm you. But if you need specific advice for your menstrual cycle, then you need to talk to a doctor in person.


  13. Hi .I always get periods delaye,45 days is my cycle range.since my adolesence..After child birth it has become 37 days .recently I had gone to a Dr , since I dint get my periods for 3 months ..she had given me a hormone tablet , duphaston ,2 tablets a day to take for 5 days …. After stoppING it ,5 days later I got my periods ….It was on 10 Oct 2014 .this same month I got my periods once again ..that is on 27 Oct 2014…….I was diagnosed with multi follicles during her scan . ……what is the reason for this ……whether this is the power of that hormone tablets ……Pl reply ……

  14. Pooja, I understand your problem as India is a poor country and I know the condition of my many patients. If you are Indian and live in Kolkata then definitely you can come to my hospital for checking and necessary treatment.

  15. I’m. 24 years old femal who recently went back to my gynecologist after. Not having a period regularly in every month . my doctor give mi some medicain to get period in five days and to get bloodtest , sonogriphy done but I don’t have that much of money and the medicain are causesin me very strong so I stop taking them plz I need or help and advice .

  16. Dear Fatou,

    I think the best thing to do is talk to another gynecologist or natural health practitioner — get a second opinion. It doesn’t sound like the first doctor was very helpful! Sometimes we need to keep seeing doctors until we get answers.

    Try not to worry – try to trust that you WILL find the answers and you will get pregnant. I encourage you to get in-person advice on how to make your menstrual cycle regular, because you may be misled by advice about getting pregnant on the internet.


  17. Hi am 37 yrs old and I don’t have any child yet. I have my period on the 8th July 2014 and we are in October still nothing. I saw some brown spotting on 7th September for two days which I tough it was implanting blood. After 2 weeks I did pregnent test which is negative. I saw a gynaecology who says day two of my period let me go for blood text. But the period is not coming and am so worried what to do. Can anybody advise me please.
    Many thanks in advance

  18. hi,

    my weight is 70kg and my hight is 153cm. i do some excersices and diat. my period is late by 9 days. normaly my period is irreguler. what should i do for reguler period?
    thank you.


  19. Hello Joanne,

    Irregular periods could be caused by stress, weight gain or loss, prescription medications, change in sexual habits, food, lack of sleep…..and nobody can predict when your period will come. I’ve experienced the symptoms of PMS and then skipped a period!

    Your best bet is to see a gynecologist in person, and talk about why your cycle isn’t regular.


  20. My period was suppose to come yesterday. Usually it’s on the dot… But last month it came a week early (which my next cycle should be yesterday)… But I’m bloating, and my breasts are tender and sore… Does that mean it’s going to be here really soon?

  21. Dear happy,

    I don’t think a light period means your menstrual cycle will stop. Some women have light periods, others have heavy ones. Some women have regular periods, others are all over the place! Every woman is different. I even find that my periods change from month to month, especially if I’m stressed, sick, or really tired.

    The best way to find the answer to your question, though, is to talk to your doctor and perhaps get a pap smear. Don’t procrastinate if you think you periods are irregular or unhealthy.


  22. Hi,I have an early menstrual cycle every month,and this month it came early too much and it can only take two days and very lite I dnt know what is the problem.does this mean I will stop having periods?

  23. Dear Rachel,

    I don’t know anything about the symptoms of high testosterone, but it’s good that you’re seeing a gynecologist. If you can afford a second opinion, that might be the smartest course of action! Different doctors have different experiences and different specialties (even within a broad specialty, like gynecology). It might be worth getting another gynecologist to check you out and give you some medical advice.

    My prayer for you is that your spirit and enthusiasm not be dampened as you deal with this health issue! I pray you find the right doctor, and that the solution be easy and quick. Stay strong, and keep contacting doctors until you find the answers you’re looking for. Don’t give up, and stay hopeful! You will find out what’s wrong – it may just take some time and energy.


  24. Hello! I am a 27-year-old female who recently went back to my gynecologist… after not having a period for 4 months. She sent me to do some blood work to check my hormone levels. My estrogen, estradiol, tsh with reflex to Ft4, FSH, and prolactin were all in the normal range, however my testosterone levels were crazy high… (317 ng/dl). My dr definitely had concerns about this and sent me for an ultrasound of my kidneys and adrenal gland, which they found no abnormalities. She said that my levels were “beyond the levels she typically sees with patients with PCOS”. Which really made me feel great! ;) The crazy part is… I have none of the symptoms of high testosterone… no increased hair growth, my voice isn’t any lower, I’m a little overweight (145pds) but I’m not obese, I still have a large bust, so I am just ultra confused… Has anyone seen this before?

    Help and advice is appreciated!!! :)

  25. Hi Nicole,

    When you went to the doctor and told her or him what’s been happening with your menstrual cycle, what did he or she say? That’s the best way to get help with your periods – go to a doctor, and get an in-person gynecological exam. Asking for help over the internet might be asking for trouble, because you may have a health condition that can’t be diagnosed or treated online.


  26. Hhi. I would like to ask. I had my last period on june29 and my menstrual cycle is 37 to 40 days. Until i dont have my menstruation. I’m a little tired ( but can be tolerated), still have breast tenderness and my lower abdomen i like their is something that wanted to go out. Like a start of menstruation thing. Today, august 7th, i tried pregnancy test but the result is negative. Just want to ask if this delayed will also be related to my diet and exercise? Because month of july (started 2nd week i think), i started to get concious. I am overweight. Body mass exceeded to normal and i am a short lady. I woke up, drinking an apple cider vinegar mxed with water. Sonetimes 2 glasses l. Then eat my breakfast with rice, vegetables and meat. And i made fruit & vegs juices from carrot, apple, cucumber, a little ginger, grapefruit, tomato, cellery…depending on the availability. Eat bread for lunch and soup for dinner…pls help me…

  27. Dear Anushay,

    How many gynecologists or natural health doctors have you seen? I would advise you to keep going to see different types of doctors, so you can be exposed to different tests and possible therapies to make your menstrual cycle regular.

    Also, what is your intuition telling you about your body? Do you have other health issues? Do you want to get pregnant one day? Are you overweight, or underweight? Do you exercise and eat healthy? Are you happy?

    There are so many possibilities to explore, and we can’t do that over the internet! That’s why I encourage all women to talk to their doctors in person, and go beyond “just” looking for foods to make your menstrual cycle regular. We need to keep searching until we find the solution.

    Go to a different type of doctor (eg, go to a gynecologist if you saw a natural health doctor in the past, and vice versa), and get different types of tests. That’s the best advice I have!

    Blessings and prayers for good health,

  28. Your article is informative. I am having menstrual irregularity since menarche. My hormones are all normal but i have periods 2 to 3 times in a whole year. I took many medications for it but all in vain. Please advise me something. Thanks.


  30. thank you so much for giving me suggestion .. i want to tell u that i had sex with protection 10 days ago my periods date. i checked pregnancy through home test twice and it was negative…can that be issue with my menstrual cycle?

  31. Dear Sadia,

    I think you should talk to your gynecologist about why your periods aren’t regular. You need to talk to an expert in-person to find out what’s going on with your hormones and menstrual cycle.

    Yes, sex can affect your menstrual cycle — but how it changes your periods depends on your hormones, how often you have sex, and other underlying health issues. Again, it really is best to talk to a doctor about how to make your menstrual cycle regular.


  32. hello. last time i got periods on 1 june and today is 21 july and i didn’t get periods. it was early problem with me . i checked to a doctor and took medicine nearly 7 months after that my menstrual cycle was normal. now once again after 7 months i got this problem.. please tell me what i do? and please tell me that can sex disturbs menstrual cycle?l’

  33. Dear Anu,

    What does your gynecologist say about the progesterone supplements and crisanta contraceptive, now that you’re trying to get pregnant? I don’t know anything about those things, but I do know that sometimes women have to be off contraception for 2 or 3 months before trying to conceive a baby. Please talk to your doctor before you go further, to make sure you’re waiting long enough for the hormones to get out of your system.

    Congratulations on your marriage and upcoming family! Be patient and faithful, and you will conceive.


  34. Dear Suji,

    Did your doctor prescribe restrogen? If so, go back to that same doctor and tell him or her what’s happening. It’s not good to try to get personal medical advice about getting regular periods on the internet — you need a gynecologist to see you in person, to give you the best help.

  35. Can anyone advice me on this!!!!! Plz… I took restrogen to stop my periods for a while… Im now getting heat boils like externally… This is really scary now. What do i do to get my regular periods!!!! Plz advice

  36. Hi, 7months back i got married and from then onwards I am not getting my periods regularly. As per gynaecologist’s suggestion i had used progesterone supplement capsules. And she had given me crisanta contraceptive pills as a course for 2months. Now we are planning for kids. I am in a confusion that whether to use those pills,or not? And please let me know the natural ways to regularize my periods.

  37. To have a normal menstrual cycle, you need to go beyond eating foods that make your periods regular. You have to talk to a doctor in person – preferably a gynecologist. You need to find out what is causing your irregular periods, because you may need more than “easy” solutions. It’s easy to eat a balanced diet and take fish oil supplements, but finding the actual cause of your irregular menses is more complicated. And it’s that more complicated cause that is really important to discover!

  38. Good day,I Zai suffering for abnormal menstrual cycle ever since when i was in high school until now I’m 31 yrs old. I have a 1 child she’s 4yrs old.but until now my menstruation still abnormal. sometimes i have monthly but sometimes 2 or 3 months before i have a menstruation. I remember when i was in college 6 months straight no menstruation. What should i do to have a normal menstruation???? Kindly give me your advice and responds..thank you and god bless

  39. what to do after my operation last february 6 2014 my menstruation doesnt back again….

  40. There is yet another indication for hormonal imbalance in female body which may lead to PCOS, is the lump at breast and the female can check it very easily.As a doctor, I generally tell my female patient to check breast at regular interval of two weeks and I always advice my patient to go for check up to doctor if any sign of lump persist over for one month at a stretch.This checking is easy and can be in general a sure indication of hormonal imbalance and this also prevents from large scale onslaught of disease of gynaecology.

  41. The most important tip on how to get regular periods is to learn why your periods are irregular. Eating the right food may not make a difference if you have, for example, PCOS.

    Here’s what a recent research study from Loyola Medicine says:

    While irregular periods are common among teenage girls, an underlying hormonal disorder may be to blame if this problem persists. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is an endocrine disorder that is characterized by an excess of androgens or male hormones in the body. The imbalance of hormones interferes with the growth and release of eggs from the ovaries, which can prevent ovulation and menstruation.

    “PCOS can be overlooked because irregular periods are normal in teens,” said Suzanne Kavic, MD, division director, Reproductive Endocrinology, Loyola University Health System (LUHS). “However, if erratic menstrual cycles persist later into the teen years, girls should see a specialist to determine if something else might be causing this issue.”

    Menstruation begins on average at age 12, and a normal menstrual cycle is approximately 28 days. Dr. Kavic reports that girls should have a regular menstrual cycle within approximately two years after they get their first period or by age 17 at the latest.

    Other symptoms associated with PCOS can include weight gain, hair growth on the body and face, thinning of the hair on the head, acne and infertility. Women with PCOS are at risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and endometrial cancer. People with PCOS also tend to become resistant to insulin, which can lead to diabetes.

    “Symptoms associated with this syndrome can be concerning to young girls particularly during the teen years, which is already a stressful time,” Dr. Kavic said. “The good news is we can identify PCOS at an early age and begin managing symptoms to alleviate some of the anxiety for these girls.”

    Treatments for PCOS can include a combination of exercise, diet modifications and medication. Weight loss helps to regulate male hormones and blood sugar levels, which can restore ovulation and menstruation. Birth control pills also may be prescribed to control the menstrual cycle while other hormone therapies can decrease androgen levels and curb symptoms.

  42. Dr Mandal,

    Thank you for offering your thoughts on how to get a normal menstrual cycle! I appreciate it, and I know my readers do, too.

  43. Bhawna, better you go to any gynaecologist for checking.
    Consider the following:
    1.Are you suffering from the problem of lower abdominal pain at the time of last period?
    2.Did u felt pain at lower left abdomen at the time of physical relation?
    If the answer to both is yes then better go to any gynaecologist preferably to any ayurveda doctor for your treatment.

  44. I can’t give health advice about how to make your menstrual cycle regular, but I do encourage you to talk to your gynecologist. Be careful about getting personal medical advice on the internet. The internet is a great place for general information, but you need to talk to a doctor to get specific advice for your own body.

  45. hi i have been late for my peiods from couple of months i didnt write the date but i write down that i got my periods in aprril 4th and today is may 18th and i havent got my periods yet i took pregnancy test twice and thet were negative and i am freaking out now i dont know what to do really why i am getting my perioda late every month i walked alot in april we went to hiking three times is it caused my periods late i walk evey month and i walk alot almost 10-15 miles every month sometimes more than that please tell me what to do thanks

  46. hello, i need some help on how to get normal on my menstruation, i got 2 days when i get my menstruation, but when i check to an pregnancy test it says that negative result. can you give some medicine to take, to have my normal menstruation. Please i need some advice. my regular menstruation is 3 days only. thanks for the help.

  47. Hello Anishsanth,

    I can’t tell you if your wife is pregnant – she needs to take a pregnancy test or go see a doctor. The best thing to do is take a pregnancy test, actually.

    If her periods aren’t regular, a gynecologist or naturopath can help her regulate her cycle. I wish I could be more helpful, but the truth is that the best place to get medical health information is in person, from a qualified doctor or health professional.

    I wish you all the best as you try to conceive.


  48. My wife is 24 her period usually 20 on every month.we had intercouse on15 jan 14 and on 20 jan 14 she got periods or bleeding after some days she suffered from vomitting and white discharge from vagina. We have done UPT it shows negative result. and tthis month she supposed to have periods(20 feb 14) but it didnt… is she is pregnant.. kindly give me reply soon

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