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DIY unique costumes for women

Carnivale Costumes in Venice (photo by Alaskan Dude flickr)

These costume ideas range from Trophy Wives to Washing Machines; all are unique and most are easy to make.

Before the tips, a quip:

“When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, May luck be yours on Halloween.” ~ Author Unknown.

There aren’t any black cat or pumpkin Halloween costumes in this list — those aren’t creative enough! One of the best ways to find unique do it yourself Halloween costumes is to browse store-bought costumes. For instance, a Wonder Woman Super Hero Costume can give you some ideas for a DIY costume.

I’ve also included a couple of banners in this article that lead to BuyCostumes.com — a great source of Halloween costume ideas! BuyCostumes.com also has an extensive list of clearance costumes and party supplies, in case you don’t have time for a do it yourself Halloween costume.

And, here are dozens of Halloween costume ideas…

Unique DIY Halloween Costumes for Women

Paper Woman: Make clothes out of newspaper (pants, shirt, hat, etc.) You can tape the paper together, and then tape it to a jogging suit or body suit. This was a more popular costume when journalism was more exciting.

Paper Doll: This wouldn’t be my first choice for a Halloween costume, because I was never into dolls – paper or otherwise! But this is an easy costume if you have white knee high socks and a white slip. Cut out cardboard to make it look like a dress, and don’t forget those tabs on the sides! Use ribbons to attach the cardboard “dress” to your body.

Are you a teenager? These costume ideas might be more fun: Original Teen Halloween Costumes.

Rapunzel: Do you have long hair that you can braid? Attach a small action figure to the middle of your braid, so it looks like your hero is climbing up your hair. If you don’t have long hair, get a wig. Wear a princess dress – a Rapunzel dress. You could even make a “castle” out of a box, but that takes a lot more work.

Runaway Bride: Wear your wedding dress and a pair of sneakers. I love this unique do it yourself Halloween costume for women — it’s a chance to wear your wedding gown again! Or wear one for the first time. Buy a gown at a thrift store.

Sleepy Housewife: This isn’t really a politically correct Halloween costume for women, but here goes…put rollers in your hair and cold cream all over your face. Wear an old bathrobe or housecoat, and big fluffy slippers. Carry a big alarm clock and pillow. This unique do it yourself Halloween costume for women won’t make you feel sexy — but you will be comfortable!

Spice Girl: Wear a cinnamon-coloured body suit, and attach spice labels all over your body. Oregano (no wait that’s an herb), pepper, steak seasoning, Indian spices, etc – I bet you have tons of spices in your kitchen. That’s what make this Halloween costume both unique and DIY.

Starving Artist: Wear a painter’s smock and French beret. Spatter yourself with paints. Wear or carry a hand-painted sign that says “Will paint for food.” This unique do it yourself Halloween costume for women is especially funny if you’re an artist. Or maybe it’s not so funny.

For more do-it-yourself food Halloween costumes, read Food Costumes You Can Make at Home.

Taco Belle: This would be fun and unique, but not exactly easy. Wear a Southern Belle outfit – like Scarlett O’Hara – complete with a hoop skirt. Get a Mexican sombrero. Learn to speak Spanish with a southern drawl, and you’ll charm the pants off the other Halloween costume wearers.

Tea Bag: Hot water makes strong women stronger! To be a tea bag for Halloween, find netting or sheer white cloth. Stuff it with dried leaves (easy to find in the fall season!), and create a tag for a super huge tea bag. Wear white clothes under your netting or mesh and dried leaves.

Trophy Wife: Maybe this isn’t a unique DIY Halloween costume for women – maybe you’re really a trophy wife! If you want to dress up as one, you could wear a blonde wig, find a huge fake or real diamond ring, and carry a bowling trophy.

Voodoo Doll: Wear a body suit or sweat pants and a turtleneck sweater. Stick pins all over your clothes, and wear a head covering that lets you breathe and see.

Washing Machine: Forget this one. It’s too much like “women’s work”!

What are Little Girls Made Of? Sugar and spice and everything nice, of course! Wear a body suit, and stick things all over it that represent what you think little girls are mad of. Candies, cookies, sweets, spices, and luscious fruits would work well. I’d go as “What Are Little Boys Made Of” myself, but to each her own :-)

For more unique DIY Halloween costumes for women, read Book Character Costumes – Dress Up as a Literary Character.

Wicked Witch of the East: Colour and/or paint a large cardboard box to look like a house. Cut holes so you can see where you’re going. Let your legs show. (This isn’t the best unique do it yourself costume for women who want to look pretty on Halloween!). Wear striped socks or pantyhose, and red glittery shoes.

Wind-Up Doll: Dress like a doll or princess. You could wear a cute girls’ dress, Mary Jane shoes, white kid gloves, pigtails, rosy cheeks and fake eyelashes. Make a key out of a piece of cardboard, and paint it with silver paint. Attach it to your back, so it sticks out of the back of your dress.

Witch Doctor: Getting or making a witch costume is easy – it’s as simple as a witch’s hat, wig, green make-up, fake nose, warts, and black nails. Add a doctor’s accessories, such as scrubs or a laboratory coat, stethoscope, mask, rubber gloves, etc. You’re a witch doctor for Halloween!

For more unique do it yourself Halloween costumes for women, read Going to a Costume Party? 11 Ideas From Your Closet.

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If these DIY Halloween costumes for women didn’t catch your eye, go to the

Halloween Costume Ideas on Amazon.com.

If you have any DIY homemade Halloween costume ideas for women that are unique, please share below!

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26 Unique Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes for Women
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  1. You have so many Halloween costume ideas, to many to choose from! I like the MOvie Theater idea the best :-)

  2. Thanks for your comments – I look forward to thinking about Halloween and costumes again :-)

  3. Ashley…
    am loving the Mother Nature idea…going to run with this.
    was having so much trouble, am not very creative when it is last minute. thanks, girlfriend.

  4. Dress up as a TUBE OF TOOTHPASTE: Wear neutral clothing underneath (leotard and tights work well). Paint the logo for toothpaste (e.g. Colgate or Crest) on a men’s white tank t-shirt. Wear a red ski cap on your head. Add rosy cheeks and accent your eyes like a doll face.
    Be ready for people who will offer to squeeze you.

  5. I was flipping through a holiday magazine and saw a cheesy tee shirt that said in bold letters, ‘I have a coupon for that!’ I got the idea of being a crazy coupon lady for halloween, with lots of coupons, envelopes, binders, etc. Now, I am somewhat of a couponer, but would never buy a shirt like the one in mag, unless for a fun costume :)

  6. I was Mother Nature a couple years back. I just took an old pair of jeans and hot glued all kinds of leaves, flowers, moss etc to them (You could also use fake bugs/animals.)I wore a green tank top and twisted some fake flowers around the straps. Poofed my hair out, stuck some flowers in it, and piled on the green makeup. You could also use a dress, I am just not a dress type of girl. All of my friends thought I looked cute, but it was still appropriate to take my son trick or treating in.

  7. Thanks for your thoughts on my unique do it yourself Halloween costumes for women! I’m not sure how the single mom or tampon costume ideas are sexist or offensive, though.

  8. God’s Gift to Men:
    Dress cute. Place a large bow in your hair and make a large gift tag that says, “From: God To: Men” and pin the tag to your lapel or use a ribbon to hold it around your neck. VIOLA!!! Fun and easy!

  9. Some of these costume ideas are smart and others are disgusting. Single Mom, Tampon? For Heaven’s sake, think a little bit about how sexist/offending these could be to other women.

  10. Thanks for your comments – especially the Box of Popcorn idea! I think it’s a unique DIY costume that’s easy to make :-)

  11. I have to say that I am surprised by your wonderful article! All these ideas are helpful and powerful and Unique Halloween Costumes For Women. I won’t be puzzled every Halloween. YOUR ARTICLE IS AMAZING!

    Supplies: Large brown Leaf bag, red & white striped material about 2 yards, black lettering “POPCORN”, double sided velcro, hot glue gun, old baseball cap and alot of popped popcorn, plain is best, no butter.
    Start by cutting a slit up one side of leaf bag from opening to bottom of bag. Do not cut bottom all the way across. Cut half way, the bottom will actually be the top where your head goes. Cut a circle shape at middle of bottom, stay away from front leaving about 1 1/2″ – 2″ space. Cut a hole on each side of bag for your arms. Then wrap material around bag securing it with glue, then you can cut out holes for arms and fold material under and glue. Then glue on double sided velcro to back for closure. Glue popcorn letters to front. Then start gluing popped popcarn to shoulder areas of top of bag go crazy and put as much as you want. I foun it eaiser to glue a piece of foam or anything you have that can be shaped on shoulder to give it hight so the popcarn looks like its overflowing out of the box. Also glue popcorn all over baseball cap to top it off. Your a “Box of Popcorn”. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!