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The best music for healing a broken heart – these songs will help you get over a break up and survive heartache. The best songs for heartache are ones that meet you where you’re at – whether you’re furious, defeated, crushed, or just so sad because you feel like you’re missing a big piece of yourself.

Healing after heartbreak isn’t just about moving “onwards and upwards” — it’s about saying good-bye to your old way of life and starting a new chapter.

Albums like Sheryl Crow’s Feels Like Home might be good music for a broken heart because it’s distracting, which can be healthy.

“Divorce is like amputation,” says Margaret Atwood. “You survive, but there is less of you.” But when it comes to hearing words of comfort when my heart is broken, I like the “Golden Oldies” because they’re familiar and comforting. Certain songs resonate with my soul — which is what music that heals heartache is all about!

Here, I’ve rounded up the best CDs and songs that will help you heal heartache, from Michael Buble to Avril Lavigne…

The Best Songs for Broken Hearts

What stage of heartbreak are you at? If you’re still crying and healing, then you may want to listen to Toni Braxton’s “Un-Break My Heart” or Jewel’s “You Were Meant for Me.” Those breakup songs are definitely music for healing a broken heart.

If you’re ready to survive heartbreak and let go of someone you love, then you might be ready for Nancy Sinatra’s “These Books Were Made for Walking” or Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.” Those are different types of breakup songs — but they’re still music that heals heartache!

Destiny’s Child: Survivor/Independent Woman – This one of the best breakup songs ever because it’s all about how much smarter, wiser, richer, more successful, better, and more free she is. The best CD for a broken heart is one that focuses on the future. Hope, faith, sunshine, and blue skies ahead…

Avril Lavigne’s My Happy Ending – “So much for my happy ending” sings Lavigne. We’ve all been there baby — but have you ever heard this saying? “One tear met another tear floating down the river. Said the first tear, ‘I’m the tear of the woman who lost her lover.’ The second tear said, ‘I’m the tear of the woman who found him.'” To help you let go of someone you love, remember that whoever found him is probably shedding tears, too! Anyway, Lavigne’s breakup song is music for healing a broken heart.

If you can’t stop thinking about your ex, read How to Emotionally Detach From Someone You Care About.

broken heart music healing

What is the best song to heal a broken heart? (image by photosteve101, via flickr)

Jewel’s You Were Meant for Me –  Sometimes you don’t want a breakup song that reminds you of the future and happiness without your partner…sometimes you want to cling to the hope that you’ll be together again. Jewel’s breakup song is music for healing broken hearts, because it focuses on the certainty that you’re meant to be together.

Toni Braxton’s Un-Break My Heart – This is another great song that helps you get over a broken heart by encouraging the tears to flow. “Un-Break My Heart” is a breakup song – definitely music for healing a broken heart because it lets you immerse yourself in sorrow, which sometimes you have to do in order to heal.

I updated this blog post — there are many more best songs for broken hearts on Songs About Breaking Up With Someone You Love. I compiled all the reader comments from here, and put them into a song list on Quips and Tips for Love and Relationships.

Christine Aguilera’s Fighter – The opposite of encouraging tears to heal, Aguilera’s “Fighter” is all about getting stronger, working harder, getting faster, being wiser, and growing a thicker skin. The song lyrics focus on “thanks for making me a fighter” – which is a great way to heal a broken heart and let go of someone you love.

Sinead O’Connor’s Nothing Compares to You – This isn’t exactly the most empowering song, but it could be a good breakup song because it lets you soak in your misery (which isn’t always a bad thing). “It’s been so lonely without you here,” sings Sinead. “Nothing can stop these lonely tears from falling.” Yes, I recommend letting yourself wail and weep and mourn what you’ve lost – it’s music for healing a broken heart.

Lara Fabian’s I Will Love Again – This is a great song for a broken heart because Fabian acknowledges the pain (“Though my heart is breaking”) and vows to love again. She sings of moving on, breathing again, feeling again, and loving again…even if it takes a lifetime.

If you’re struggling to let go of someone you love, read How to Move On After a Break Up.

What are your best breakup songs? Comments welcome below…

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Best Songs for Broken Hearts - Music to Heal Heartache
The best music for healing a broken heart - these songs will help you get over a break up and survive heartache. The best songs for heartache are ones that meet you where you're at.

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  83 Responses to “Best Songs for Broken Hearts – Music to Heal Heartache”

  1. Enya- Orinoco Flow
    Native American flute
    very calmIng…very few words allows your mInd to not focus on thoughts, They are great for artistic creatIon an also.

  2. Thanks for sharing your best songs for broken hearts.

  3. my story is a little diff, im married w two young kiddos and a great husband. sadly ive never forgotten and probably wll never forget my first love. I disagree w infidality thus is the reason we stoped talking all together jst two days ago. It was a mutual agreement. he told me it hurts him to talk to me and know there can never be anything. and i care too much for him to keep hurting his feelings so i am finally now accepting that nothing will ever happen between him and i..not even friendship. I miss you it jst wasnt meant to be. There are so many songs that remind me of us but the best one I can think of at this moment is…………..

    Green Day – Good Riddance

  4. “Galactic Song for Broken Hearts” by Moongate Open

  5. What I think are the best songs for broken hearts may not be what you think the best songs for broken hearts are….so what are the songs that make you feel better after a break up?

  6. I love a girl from my childhood and we had a relationship for probably 1 year.but for her family she leaved me.her name is madhurima,i tried to convence her but she denied.i really love her plz suggest me how i get back her?

  7. I had a crush on this certain boy, but I kept it and didn’t tell anybody. Then, months after that, my bestie#1 had a crush on him too! All my friends knows bestie1 has a crush on him so she can show her emotions. After months again, my crush had a crush on my bestie#2! And I was like: “How come’s my lovelife’s complicated?”

    Suggest any songs that I could relate to?

  8. Women aren’t the only ones who lose at love, some of us men take it pretty hard also. But love is purely a gamble. I myself can never really look for it, but I know when it happens!You can only hope the person you love returns it, because it’s something that can’t be forced!

  9. California King Bed – RIhanna
    Impossible – Shontelle


  10. I’m glad this list of the best songs for broken hearts was helpful…I hope you’re all healing and happy!

  11. Thanks for sharing these songs for people who broke up with people they love. I broke up with my boyfriend 3 weeks ago and miss him alot. Knowing i’m not alone helps, and so does listening to songs about healing and loving and letting go.

  12. Thanks for your comments….the best songs for broken hearts help some people, but not everyone. They wouldn’t help me, but music is a healer for many.

  13. Listening to sad music after you get dumped won’t make you feel better. It makes you feel worse you know.

  14. hi
    Beautiful songs of list…
    Broken hearted for me needs to hear music like this so that the attention will not focus on the pain anymore but on the positive side of recovering from that pain…..

  15. I have a lot of experience about love too i got hurt many times and cried at night,but i have a song that i love most its “heaven knows” why? Its because of this lines:maybe my love will comeback someday only heaven nows and maybe our hopes will find a way only heaven knows;short but full of meaning!

  16. tamia-officially missing you !

  17. Bee Gees – How can you mend a broken heart.
    Gloria Gaynor – I will survive
    Elton John – I’m still standing
    Amanda Marshall – Beautiful Goodbye
    Bobby McFerrin – Don’t worry be happy
    I’m Free to do what I want
    Wilson Philips – Release Me and Hold on
    Cher – Believe
    Journey – I’ll be alright without you.
    Queen – It’s a beautiful day/ Let me live/ Too much love will kill you.
    Micheal Jackson – You are not alone
    Leeann Womak – I hope you dance
    Faith Hill – Breath
    Deborah Cox – Beautiful U R
    Kreesha Turner – Don’t call me baby
    Josh Groban – You are loved (Don’t give up) – beautiful song!
    Janis Joplin – Piece of my heart
    Jacksoul – I still believe in love
    Godley & Cream – Cry – this one is awesome
    Sum 41 – Pieces
    Fleetwood Mac – Go your own way
    Alicia Keys – No one

  18. David Archuleta and David Cook are both good and i can’t see no difference between their performance;~*

  19. Jesse james-i look so good without you (i love love love this song)

  20. Thanks for adding to this list of the best songs for broken hearts!

  21. i’m not so good in r/ i need good songs to wake me up from misery…thanx to all of u for the best list..

  22. Hey, does anyone have a song for me? I was head over heels for this guy and we were together for almost 4 months… then he cheated on me and I broke up with him. I haven’t gotten over him but I’ve given him plenty of chances and he keeps letting me down so I’m done.
    any input is appreciated :)

  23. After a year and 8 months my boyfriend decides he doesnt love me anymore. Except hes felt that way for a couple of months and told everyone but me. It hurts. Ive literally bruised my forehead from crying.

    however, these are good to wail/scream/cry along to:

    1. im not okay – My chemical romance
    2. im every woman – Whitney Houston
    3. Try sleeping with a broken heart – Alicia Keyes
    4. the reason – hoobastank
    5. caught out there – Kelis

    Ive been told time heals, im 3 days in and waiting x