Best Songs for Broken Hearts

Here’s the best music for healing a broken heart – these songs will help you get over a break up and survive heartache. Broken hearted songs are ones that meet you where you’re at, whether you’re furious, defeated, crushed, or just so sad because you feel like you’re missing a big piece of yourself.

broken hearted songsAlbums like Taylor Swift’s 1989 are good songs for broken hearts because they’re distracting, which can be healthy. Healing after heartbreak isn’t just about moving “onwards and upwards” — it’s about saying good-bye to your old way of life and starting a new chapter.

“Divorce is like amputation,” says Margaret Atwood. “You survive, but there is less of you.” But when it comes to hearing words of comfort when my heart is broken, I like the “Golden Oldies” because they’re familiar and comforting. Certain songs resonate with my soul — which is what music that heals heartache is all about.

Here, I’ve rounded up the best CDs and songs that will help you heal heartache, from Michael Buble to Avril Lavigne…

Broken Hearted Songs

What stage of heartbreak are you at? If you’re still crying and healing, then you may want to listen to Toni Braxton’s “Un-Break My Heart” or Jewel’s “You Were Meant for Me.” Those breakup songs are definitely music for healing a broken heart.

If you’re ready to survive heartbreak and let go of someone you love, then you might be ready for Nancy Sinatra’s “These Books Were Made for Walking” or Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.” Those are different types of breakup songs — but they’re still music that heals heartache!

Destiny’s Child: Survivor/Independent Woman – This one of the best breakup songs ever because it’s all about how much smarter, wiser, richer, more successful, better, and more free she is. The best CD for a broken heart is one that focuses on the future. Hope, faith, sunshine, and blue skies ahead…

Avril Lavigne’s My Happy Ending – “So much for my happy ending” sings Lavigne. We’ve all been there baby — but have you ever heard this saying? “One tear met another tear floating down the river. Said the first tear, ‘I’m the tear of the woman who lost her lover.’ The second tear said, ‘I’m the tear of the woman who found him.'” To help you let go of someone you love, remember that whoever found him is probably shedding tears, too! Anyway, Lavigne’s breakup song is music for healing a broken heart.

If you can’t stop thinking about your ex, read How to Let Go of Someone You Love. Don’t worry about broken hearted songs; start thinking about healing.

Jewel’s You Were Meant for Me –  Sometimes you don’t want a breakup song that reminds you of the future and happiness without your partner…sometimes you want to cling to the hope that you’ll be together again. Jewel’s breakup song is music for healing broken hearts, because it focuses on the certainty that you’re meant to be together.

Toni Braxton’s Un-Break My Heart – This is another great song that helps you get over a broken heart by encouraging the tears to flow. “Un-Break My Heart” is a breakup song – definitely music for healing a broken heart because it lets you immerse yourself in sorrow, which sometimes you have to do in order to heal.

Songs for Broken Hearts

broken hearted songs

Best Songs for Broken Hearts

I updated this blog post — there are many more broken hearted songs on Songs About Breaking Up With Someone You Love. I compiled all the reader comments from here, and put them into a song list on Quips and Tips for Love and Relationships.

Christine Aguilera’s Fighter – The opposite of encouraging tears to heal, Aguilera’s “Fighter” is all about getting stronger, working harder, getting faster, being wiser, and growing a thicker skin. The song lyrics focus on “thanks for making me a fighter” – which is a great way to heal a broken heart and let go of someone you love.

Sinead O’Connor’s Nothing Compares to You – This isn’t exactly the most empowering song, but it could be a good breakup song because it lets you soak in your misery (which isn’t always a bad thing). “It’s been so lonely without you here,” sings Sinead. “Nothing can stop these lonely tears from falling.” Yes, I recommend letting yourself wail and weep and mourn what you’ve lost – it’s music for healing a broken heart.

Lara Fabian’s I Will Love Again – This is a great song for a broken heart because Fabian acknowledges the pain (“Though my heart is breaking”) and vows to love again. She sings of moving on, breathing again, feeling again, and loving again…even if it takes a lifetime.

If you’re struggling to let go of someone you love, read Words of Comfort When Your Heart is Broken.

What broken hearted songs mean the most to you? Comments welcome below…

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May your broken heart heal, and open up to love again.

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84 Responses

  1. Gil says:

    Wow — the comments are full of such great songs, my heartbroken sisters (and a couple brothers)! Well, it’s been more than two years since my heart was first shattered and a year and a half since she came back to finish me off bc I guess she figured she hadn’t broken me enough the first time. So I grieved, I fell to pieces and then I slowly began to let go and finally got to the point where I didn’t think about her every day — not that she doesn’t still cross my mind every day, but I don’t *think*about her when something g reminds me of her, I just move on to the next thought. Sometimes it barely even registers. I’m ok. I see the relationship for what it was — an emtional rollercoaster with deeply wounded and angry person that wS doomed from the start — I wanted s bad to hel her heal, to show her she could believe in love and that I would never do anything to hurt or betray her. But she couldn’t — too many years of abuse, a childhood that destroyed arts of her before she ever even had a chance — I was never going to change a lifetime of mistrust and a pattern of repeating the same trauma over and over in her head and sabotaging everything g good that came her way. Unfortunately, I didn’t find out what I was up against until my heart was in it down to the very foundations and that was when she was in the pre-paranoia fledgling trust where she began to open up and let me see bits of her past and the hell she had not really survived.
    So I hate what she did to me but can never really hate her because she was and is in more pain than I can ever know. She must truly believe that her destruction of love is necessary for her own survival. So I got through it and moved on.
    …..But that doesn’t mean that when I found my old iPod and discovered a hundred photos of us looking as dazed and joyful in love as two doomed teenagers in a Shalespearean tragedy that I was immune to the flood of memories that wShed through me. I spent hours looking through those snapshots and afterwards regretted it because I wasn’t ready to see them again. Three days later I have a nostalgia hangover that weighs on me like a — like a shattered romance.
    So the song gong through my head for the past two days is one I first heard in the days of my first glimpses of love– the Pet Shop Boys’ “What Have I Done to Deserve This?” It may be a cheesy 80’s oldie, but the lyrics are good and except for the part about the job being backwards, it fits to a T. Give it a listen and thanks for all the other songs!!! We will all find love again when we’re ready. And hopefully we’ll make different mistakes then, and learn from them as well, and work our way towards real… Twoo Wuv, as the old guy said in that wonderful movie. Cheers.

  2. Khym says:

    Enya- Orinoco Flow
    Native American flute
    very calmIng…very few words allows your mInd to not focus on thoughts, They are great for artistic creatIon an also.

  3. Laurie says:

    Thanks for sharing your best songs for broken hearts.

  4. eiffeltower says:

    my story is a little diff, im married w two young kiddos and a great husband. sadly ive never forgotten and probably wll never forget my first love. I disagree w infidality thus is the reason we stoped talking all together jst two days ago. It was a mutual agreement. he told me it hurts him to talk to me and know there can never be anything. and i care too much for him to keep hurting his feelings so i am finally now accepting that nothing will ever happen between him and i..not even friendship. I miss you it jst wasnt meant to be. There are so many songs that remind me of us but the best one I can think of at this moment is…………..

    Green Day – Good Riddance

  5. StantheBan says:

    “Galactic Song for Broken Hearts” by Moongate Open

  6. Laurie says:

    What I think are the best songs for broken hearts may not be what you think the best songs for broken hearts are….so what are the songs that make you feel better after a break up?

  7. Subham says:

    I love a girl from my childhood and we had a relationship for probably 1 year.but for her family she leaved me.her name is madhurima,i tried to convence her but she denied.i really love her plz suggest me how i get back her?

  8. Felicity says:

    I had a crush on this certain boy, but I kept it and didn’t tell anybody. Then, months after that, my bestie#1 had a crush on him too! All my friends knows bestie1 has a crush on him so she can show her emotions. After months again, my crush had a crush on my bestie#2! And I was like: “How come’s my lovelife’s complicated?”

    Suggest any songs that I could relate to?

  9. Stanley Koskiewicz says:

    Women aren’t the only ones who lose at love, some of us men take it pretty hard also. But love is purely a gamble. I myself can never really look for it, but I know when it happens!You can only hope the person you love returns it, because it’s something that can’t be forced!

  10. Julie says:

    California King Bed – RIhanna
    Impossible – Shontelle


  11. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen says:

    I’m glad this list of the best songs for broken hearts was helpful…I hope you’re all healing and happy!

  12. Penny says:

    Thanks for sharing these songs for people who broke up with people they love. I broke up with my boyfriend 3 weeks ago and miss him alot. Knowing i’m not alone helps, and so does listening to songs about healing and loving and letting go.

  13. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen says:

    Thanks for your comments….the best songs for broken hearts help some people, but not everyone. They wouldn’t help me, but music is a healer for many.

  14. Sam KNowles says:

    Listening to sad music after you get dumped won’t make you feel better. It makes you feel worse you know.

  15. Conspiracy girl says:

    Beautiful songs of list…
    Broken hearted for me needs to hear music like this so that the attention will not focus on the pain anymore but on the positive side of recovering from that pain…..

  16. fitness girl says:

    I have a lot of experience about love too i got hurt many times and cried at night,but i have a song that i love most its “heaven knows” why? Its because of this lines:maybe my love will comeback someday only heaven nows and maybe our hopes will find a way only heaven knows;short but full of meaning!

  17. tara says:

    tamia-officially missing you !

  18. Suzanne says:

    Bee Gees – How can you mend a broken heart.
    Gloria Gaynor – I will survive
    Elton John – I’m still standing
    Amanda Marshall – Beautiful Goodbye
    Bobby McFerrin – Don’t worry be happy
    I’m Free to do what I want
    Wilson Philips – Release Me and Hold on
    Cher – Believe
    Journey – I’ll be alright without you.
    Queen – It’s a beautiful day/ Let me live/ Too much love will kill you.
    Micheal Jackson – You are not alone
    Leeann Womak – I hope you dance
    Faith Hill – Breath
    Deborah Cox – Beautiful U R
    Kreesha Turner – Don’t call me baby
    Josh Groban – You are loved (Don’t give up) – beautiful song!
    Janis Joplin – Piece of my heart
    Jacksoul – I still believe in love
    Godley & Cream – Cry – this one is awesome
    Sum 41 – Pieces
    Fleetwood Mac – Go your own way
    Alicia Keys – No one

  19. Cafe Furniture : says:

    David Archuleta and David Cook are both good and i can’t see no difference between their performance;~*

  20. jessi says:

    Jesse james-i look so good without you (i love love love this song)

  21. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen says:

    Thanks for adding to this list of the best songs for broken hearts!

  22. Sabrina says:

    i’m not so good in r/ i need good songs to wake me up from misery…thanx to all of u for the best list..

  23. Sasha says:

    Hey, does anyone have a song for me? I was head over heels for this guy and we were together for almost 4 months… then he cheated on me and I broke up with him. I haven’t gotten over him but I’ve given him plenty of chances and he keeps letting me down so I’m done.
    any input is appreciated :)

  24. Sam says:

    After a year and 8 months my boyfriend decides he doesnt love me anymore. Except hes felt that way for a couple of months and told everyone but me. It hurts. Ive literally bruised my forehead from crying.

    however, these are good to wail/scream/cry along to:

    1. im not okay – My chemical romance
    2. im every woman – Whitney Houston
    3. Try sleeping with a broken heart – Alicia Keyes
    4. the reason – hoobastank
    5. caught out there – Kelis

    Ive been told time heals, im 3 days in and waiting x

  25. winning my ex feeling again says:

    I love the songs. I love Lara Fabian’s song, I will love again.

    It is really appropriate for broken hearts. I was really touched. My tears fell down as I listen to the song.

  26. Katie Patel says:

    David Archuleta is great but for me, the best is still Kelly Clarkson.

  27. Tia says:

    i love the songs :)

    keep forgetting – jojo
    fly away – jojo
    broken vow – josh groban

  28. yannie says:

    forget about me – lil bit
    addicted – stevie hoang
    he ain’t the one – stevie hoang
    out of reach – gabrielle
    i love you goodbye
    half crazy
    goin’ crazy – natalie
    i can wait forever
    somebody’s me
    you’re all i need
    until i get over you -cristina millan
    on bended knees
    miss you – aaliyah
    i’d rather – luther vandros
    together – neyo
    cry – rihanna
    everytime – janet jackson
    leave – jojo
    too little too late – jojo

    i hope that songs could some what help you.. i soo love that songs..=)

  29. Broken&Fixed says:

    ’twas a time when things were falling apart between me and my hubby. felt alone, cheated, broken, crushed to pieces…when this song was played. i was like, “you gotta be kidding me!” how could the god and goddess of broken-hearted songs know exactly how i felt that very moment.

    LETTING GO by Kim Sozzi

  30. Kelly Arele says:

    I will love again & Better in time are my favorite. They can make you feel so much better about your future without the guy who broke your heart.

  31. Lynn Kristle says:

    Love these 3 songs. Listening to them too much can be depressing, but when you’re crying over a man these are perfect.

  32. chriss says:

    I would suggest the song: “Feel the Lie – Soulsteal”.

    The clean vocals of the singer really touches me!!!

  33. Cindy says:

    Caitlin and Will- Even Now!!!
    I really love this song, it’s about getting even with someone!!!

  34. Jenn says:

    So many great songs. I too have been destroyed by thoughless men and these songs help. Thanks everyone

  35. Cooper Foster says:

    Josh Groban is one of my favorite classical-pop singer after Hayley Westenra.

  36. Khloe B says:

    This step alone-by Elliott Yamin

  37. Lucas Parker says:

    David Archuleta is definitely one of the best singer in American Idol.;.~

  38. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen says:

    So sorry to hear about your breakup three weeks before your wedding! But, as sad and heartbreaking as it is now…better to break up than to have an unhappy marriage…

    Thanks for your music pick — that is one of the best songs for broken hearts.

    Keep healing,
    .-= Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen´s last blog post …Establish Good Financial Habits – 6 Ways to Make Money Saving Tips Stick =-.

  39. pitchounette says:

    That’s the way it is – Celine Dion

    I just broke up with my boyfriend 3 weeks ago, this week should be the happiest week of my life as we were about to spend our life together until death do us apart but he decided to end our relationships just 3 weeks before our wedding! It hurt real bad and I’m glad I found so many songs that help me through this moment! Cheer ups on everyone who are in the same situation!

  40. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen says:

    Thanks for sharing your ideas for the best songs for broken hearts…I’m compiling a whole new list, and love hearing from you all!

  41. ENIT says:

    Metallica – Master of Puppets
    Slayer – Raining Blood
    Dream Theater – The Test That Stumped Them All
    Megadeth – High Speed Dirt

  42. Samke says:

    I just want to usk to men if they ever stopped & look women who cannt date anymore because they are badly hurt by love?

  43. rose says:

    yes! for me the best song is IF YOU’RE THE ONE.. 😀
    i really can relate to that sOng..

  44. Anna says:

    oops- sorry mine posted twice…

  45. Anna says:

    I’m not sure if it’s a comfort or a bit tragic that these feelings and situations are so common in so many…

    Just part of life i guess.

    This girl has an amazing voice and her lyrics hit the nail on the head…

    ” why has it etched on your heart the name of your untrue love….”
    she’s not in mass production but give her you tube vid a moment of your time and you will not regret it.

    Fiona Bevan- A broken Heart can heal

    This too shall pass, chin up and dance it away.
    You were fine before they came into your life and you will be again..

    on an angrier more empowering note…
    Shakira- Don’t bother
    Kelly Clarkson – gone, Addicted, behind these hazel eyes…Kelly does break ups well.
    Kate Nash – foundations, Merry Happy (I can be alone, i can watch a sunset on my own)
    Madonna – Sorry
    Hard Fi- Better do Better

    and my absolute favourite though she may not be everyones style
    Tanya Stephens- Spilt Milk.

    Good luck my fellow wallowers…
    Time for some distraction….going to do some cleaning.

  46. Anna says:

    This girl has an amazing voice and her lyrics hit the nail on the head…

    ” why has it etched on your heart the name of your untrue love….”
    she’s not in mass production but give her you tube vid a moment of your time and you will not regret it.

    Fiona Bevan- A broken Heart can heal

    This too shall pass, chin up and dance it away.
    You were fine before they came into your life and you will be again..

    on an angrier more empowering note…
    Shakira- Don’t bother
    Kelly Clarkson – gone, Addicted, behind these hazel eyes…Kelly does break ups well.
    Kate Nash – foundations, Merry Happy (I can be alone, i can watch a sunset on my own)
    Madonna – Sorry
    Hard Fi- Better do Better

    and my absolute favourite though she may not be everyones style
    Tanya Stephens- Spilt Milk.

    Good luck my fellow wallowers…
    Time for some distraction….going to do some cleaning.

  47. sym says:

    Daniel Bedingfield – if you’re not the one

    this is the strong lyric ever for the broken heart
    “i hope you are the one i share my life with”
    “i wish that you could be the one i die with”
    “and i praying your the one i build my home with”
    “though i cant be with u tonight, u know my heart is by your side”

    just try to listen to the song,,

  48. 472426 says:

    barry manilow – somewhere down the road
    nickelback – far away
    faith hill – there you’ll be

  49. Ello says:

    Nickelback – How You Remind Me

  50. Deanna says:

    A good song for me, once I realize that I will go on.. and I will live is….

    Until the End – Breaking Benjamin..

    Before you listen to it, look up the lyrics.. so you wont judge 😀

  51. chee says:

    I recommended you
    Crush by David Archuleta

  52. allyssa althea dee says:

    broken hearted girl….beyonce….

    I love him before i met him

    is that possible?


  53. Dee says:

    I think a really good song for those in longing is “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum. I listen to it and I really feel the song. It always makes me want to cry.

  54. Amanda D :) says:

    My boyfriend and I just broke up. It has been hard but music has really got me through it. Here are some of my favorites.

    Some ones about moving on and finding someone that better :)
    Michael Bublé – Haven’t Met You Yet
    John Mayer-I’m Gonna Find Another You

    Here’s one about realizing that the relationship was not as good as you thought.
    John Mayer – Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
    John Mayer-Dreaming With a Broken Heart

    and here are some that make me feel awesome :)
    Corrine Bailey-put your records on lyrics
    Train-Hey, Soul Sister

    Hope they help!

  55. Rhianna R. says:

    I don’t have any songs to add for healing broken hearts, but I’m so happy I found this list!

  56. mark says:

    how do you heal a broken heart by chris walker

    this song made my cry

  57. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen says:

    Thanks for contributing your best songs for broken hearts, everyone! Listening to music can definitely heal heartache….

    Matthew, thanks for your thoughts on relationships being salvaged. It’ll give people hope and faith in the magic of making up :-)

  58. matthew says:

    Did you know that most relationships CAN be salvaged? You may find it difficult to believe that almost every break up for whatever reason…infidelity, plain old lost passion, loss of interest, a stolen heart and worse…even the worst situations you can imagine…like men serving prison sentences have salvaged their relationships. Yes, even Ex-cons have got back together with girlfriends and wives after being away for years!

  59. brokenheartedgirl10 says:

    after the hurriance- jazmine sullivan
    lion tigers bears-jazmine sullivan
    regret-letoya luckett

  60. kait says:

    forget it – breaking benjamin

    over – lindsay lohan

    if you come back to me – bowling for soup

    a friendly goodbye – bowling for soup

    always a good few tracks 😀
    these helped me alot.

  61. Nedira says:

    “Think Twice” by Celine Dion is my favorite.

    I really feel it.

  62. Chris says:

    Wow, it’s like you stole my mp3 player and posted the saddest songs. This is a great list! My favorite would have to be Avril Lavigne “so much for my happy ending”.

  63. Joseph says:

    So much for Pretending by Bryan White – This song slims 5 years down to 4 minutes for me

    How do you like me now by Toby Keith – This is a very uplifting kinda haha I’m gonna be ok and prove it to you kinda song

    and Perfect by Smashing Pumpkins – This song kinda puts it in a prospective of it’s over but maybe next life we will get it right.

  64. roy says:

    these song really help me

  65. ..... says:

    Im in love with my best friend… he broked my heart. i recomend
    un-break my heart by tony braxton

  66. Veronica says:

    You’re not sorry-Taylor Swift

  67. Heather says:

    PS. I’m still not over you – Rihanna

    ^^ depends on your mood

    and broken hearted girl – Beyonce

    :) hope that helps x

  68. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen says:

    These are great songs for healing broken hearts — I especially like the wide range of songs on your playlist, Morgan. Everyone from the Beatles to Avril Lavigne :-)

    Elly has a great list as well…

    Now that I think about it, the songs in this comment section put my original list of heartbreak songs to shame! Thanks for the tips, you guys.

  69. Morgan says:

    After my very first boyfriend broke up with me, I made a playlist which I listened to over and over. Here are a few of the songs on it.

    Keep Holding On – Avril Lavigne
    Used To – Chris Daughtry
    Hero – Enrique Iglesias
    Come Clean – Hillary Duff
    You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban
    Because of You – Kelly Clarkson
    I Hope You Dance – Lee Ann Womack
    All Good Things Come to an End – Nelly Furtado
    Let It Be – Beatles
    You Can’t Hurry Love – Phil Collins

  70. Sarah says:

    Apologize- One Republic
    Carrie Underwood – Some Hearts
    White Horse – Taylor Swift

  71. Dipesh R says:

    Brian Mcknight – One Last Cry
    worth listening song….

  72. Laurie PK says:

    Thanks for sharing your best songs for broken hearts, my friends!

  73. ameylia says:

    mika-happy ending
    kelly clarkson-breakaway

  74. Elly says:

    Agree with Shelly. It really depends on your case/situation. My case is my ex broke us up (cos he’s still in love with his ex and his friends hate me for spending more time with him than them like he used to) followed by his trash talking behind my back. The most recent one is: he trash talked about me to the guy I’ve been hanging out with. Now the new guy got intimidated and has kept his distance. Anyhoo:

    You’ll See by Madonna
    My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne
    What Goes Around Comes Around by Justin Timberlake (one of my faves)
    Better Off Alone by Katharine McPhee
    Deep Inside of You by Third Eye Blind
    All Good Things by Mandy Moore
    The Scientist by Coldplay
    White Flag by Dido
    See Ya by Atomic Kitten
    I Never Really Loved You Anyway by The Corrs
    Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood
    Wake Up Call by Maroon 5
    Bottom of The Ocean by Miley Cyrus
    One of These Days by Michelle Branch
    Be Be Your Love by Rachael Yamagata
    Soon by Leann Rimes
    I Quit by Hepburn
    and most possibly, in my case, Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani


  75. Reema says:

    Other good songs are:

    “Over You” by Acceptance
    “Starts with Goodbye” by Carrie Underwood
    “Lok at Me Now” by DJ Jessy

  76. LauriePK says:

    You’re right – I don’t listen to country music (though when I hear it, I enjoy it!).

    Thanks for the suggestions, C!

    And everyone else who commented — thanks for sharing your best songs for broken hearts…I know people are reading this article, and I bet they appreciate your input. Music really does soothe your soul and help you let go of people out love….music can heal.

  77. C. says:

    All good songs to break up by, but obviously, the person who wrote the above article, as well as the people commenting, are not into country music.
    Hank Snow’s “I Don’t Hurt Anymore” is a real good, feel good song for after a break up, as well as his “I’m Movin’ On” and “The Golden Rocket”, both very dated train songs.

    Also, during the “crying in my beer” phase of a break up, there are countless older country songs that address the issue.
    You wanna cry? Boy, can you find some doozys!
    Just about anything by Hank Williams, Sr., such as “Your Cheatin’ Heart”, or “I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You”.

    From a lady’s perspective, try Kitty Wells, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn and others. Believe me, you’ll find plenty of great break up songs no matter what phase you’re in.

    It doesn’t matter so much how a song is played, just listen to the words. That’s why they call it the “blues”……..

  78. Joe says:

    Good songs for heart break

    “Growing up to do” By Joshua Radin
    “Violens” by Joey Cape
    “Moving On” by Deals Gone Bad
    “Wasted Days” by The Slackers

  79. Tina says:

    another great song for a broken heart is:

    dana glover- it is you

    i love it and i love the way it makes me feel.

    love t xxx

  80. Carly says:

    “Out From Under” by Britney Spears

  81. brittany says:

    over it by katherine mcphee

  82. me says:

    “Walk Away” by Ben Harper
    “Where I Stood” by Missy Higgins

  83. Shelly says:

    “Better in Time” by Leona Lewis is one of my faves as well.
    But “Not Gon’ Cry” by Mary J. Blige is one of the BEST.
    “Since U Been Gone” Kelly Clarkson too.
    Depends on your situation though, I guess.

  84. Vida says:

    Good article! The song that has helped me get thru my pending divorce is “Better in Time” by Leona Lewis. The lyrics are so very true when you are no longer with someone you have been with most of your life. I recommend it to anyone trying to move on.

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