13 Homemade Halloween Costumes for Couples

Here’s a list of homemade Halloween costume ideas for couples, plus links to Halloween accessories and ideas on Amazon. If you need couples Halloween costumes on October 31, look no further.

costumes for couples

Me and Bruce, Halloween, October 31, 2009

You don’t need to be crafty or creative to make a costume for two! These Halloween costumes for couples are creative, easy, and fun – and only the beginning. I have lots and lots of other Halloween costume articles and ideas for couples costumes.

First, a Halloween poem:

Backward, turn backward,
O Time, in your flight
make me a child again
just for to-night!
~ Elizabeth Akers Allen

Become a child again – and take your sweetheart along for the ride this Halloween.

Amazon has a fun Muppets Couples Costume (Miss Piggy & Kermit) – it’s not homemade, but it’ll give you ideas for a DIY couples costume.

13 Homemade Halloween Costumes for Couples

If you don’t have time, the Wine And Cheese Halloween Costume for Couples is creative and easy (because you just click and buy it :-) ).

A Salt (Shaker!) and Battery: This isn’t the most politically correct Halloween costume for couples, but you might like it: one of you dresses up as a shaker of salt, and the other dresses up like a battery. I don’t know why this doesn’t seem PC to me…maybe because as a couple, wearing stuff that screams “battery” seems odd to me.

Baker and A Bun-In-The-Oven: This is great Halloween costume for couples if she really is pregnant! The woman makes a stove out of a cardboard box and hangs it around her neck. Cut a big hole out of the centre of the box, for your belly to stick out. Then but a bun in the middle of the box, to represent the “bun” in the oven. The man can dress up as a chef, and be the baker of the bun in her oven.

Batman and Robin: This isn’t your traditional Batman and Robin couples costume. In this version, you pin or glue fake bats all over your body (wear a black body suit), and he pins or glues fake robins all over his body. Does he have a turquoise body suit? Even better!

Blind Leading the Blind: This is the easiest homemade Halloween costume for couples on October 31. Both halves of the couple wear dark sunglasses and carry canes. Who leads who? You duke it out!

Cardiac Arrest: This isn’t the medical type of cardiac arrest. You dress up as a red heart, with your hands cuffed. Your partner dresses up like a police officer – he’s arresting you! Of course, this homemade Halloween costume can be switched so the woman is the cop.

The Renaissance Lady Costume is my favorite costume for women on Amazon, and it can easily be paired with a Men’s Robin Hood Costume.

Cat Got Your Tongue: Have you heard of this phrase? It’s a weird one. This costume for couples consists of her wearing a black leotard, tail, and cat ears (a cat costume), holding a tongue made of rubber. He wears his normal clothes, but has blood on his lips and dripping down his chin. When people try to talk to him, you wave his tongue in the air. Cat has his tongue!

If you still can’t find the right Halloween costume for couples, read 20 Unique DIY Halloween Costumes for Women.

Clue Characters: This is your traditional Halloween costume from the traditional Clue game: Mrs. White wears a French maid outfit from the game. Mrs. Peacock wears a long blue dress and feathered hat, also in blue. Miss Scarlett wears a sexy red dress with a long cigarette holder. Professor Plum wears a purple suit, top hat, and glasses – and of course he carries a cane from the Clue game. Mr. Green wears a green suit. Colonel Mustard wears a yellow shirt, safari suit, monocle, and safari hat. Everyone carries a different prop from the game of Clue: rope, knife, candle stick, lead pipe, revolver, wrench. How is this a homemade Halloween costume for couples on October 31? Your guess is as good as mine!

Corpse and Widower: This is a macabre Halloween costume for couples, but what is October 31 for but gore and gloom? She should wear a black suit and look like death. He should wear a black dress, black veil, black gloves, black shoes, etc. He’s the widower in a black dress, and she’s the corpse who just rose form the grave.

eMail and Attachment: One of you dresses in your regular work clothes – office wear is the best. The other wears a body suit covered in paper clips. The paper clip person is the attachment, and the regular person is the email! O yes, the regular office person should carry something that symbolizes email.

For more costume ideas for you and your partner, read Halloween Costumes That Tell a Story – Ideas for Couples.

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10 Responses

  1. Laurie says:

    Hey, thanks for your comments! October 31 will be here before we know it, so it’s not too early to start thinking about Halloween costumes for couples :-)

  2. Caroline says:

    Great ideas! Lady and the Tramp gives me a reason to wear all of those bridesmaid dresses!! Love it!

  3. Larry says:

    Last year my wife and I went as Beevis and Butthead, even though she didn’t really want to . She wants a more romantic Halloween costume for couples, like Romeo and Juliet. But that’s not romance, I said, they both died! Anyway thanks for these costume ideas, they’re pretty good.

  4. ruthb the houseparty babe says:

    Your Princess and the P inspired me. I want to be a Princess for Fancy Dress Halloween Party 2011… but I prefer the Frog Prince fairytale so I think I have to convince my boyfriend to come as a frog! 😀

  5. RichardAlois says:

    This costume is for singles but it’s bloody scary! Check it out below.

  6. keiththezombie says:

    Another kind of fancy dress to consider: my website dedicated to just Devils fancy dress. Male and female devils available!

  7. science nerd says:

    just fyi….pi is actually 3.14159265. You will get no respect from a nerd if you attempt the pi joke and get the digits wrong….use however many digits as you want, but make them correct.

  8. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Corey — and for posting the links to my Halloween articles on your Green Halloween blog!

  9. Corey says:

    Love these! What great ways to be creatively green together. We’ll place a link to this article on our Green Halloween website.

  10. Racy Costumes says:

    Those are some great couples costume ideas. It just goes to show that getting done up for Halloween doesn’t have to be expensive… many would cost next to nothing.

    I never would have thought of the Raisin’ Hell costume idea… Nice.

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