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Halloween costumes for women

Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for Women

These easy homemade Halloween costumes for women are quick and simple. They’re perfect for October 31, costume parties, school events, and even trick or treating!

Here’s the first easy costume idea: make a bubble bath Halloween costume by wearing white clothes with balloons attached all over your body. Get a baseball hat or toque (if you’re Canadian), and attach more small balloons.

Complete your Halloween costume with whatever you normally use when you have a bath: soap on a rope, rubber ducks, candles, or loofah for your feet.

When making your costume, remember one of my favourite quips: “Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.”  ~ Mason Cooley.

What story will you tell this Halloween?

And here are several creative ideas for women’s Halloween costumes…

Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for Women

“Bag” Lady: Before the politically correct days, we used to call women living on the street “bag ladies.” This is a play on that: grab all the paper and plastic bags in your house, and tape them together to make a dress or outfit. This easy homemade Halloween costume for women can make an environmental statement, too – it’s not just about being a bag lady from the days of yore.

24 Carrots of Gold: Wear a gold or orange pantsuit or dress, and tie real carrots all over your body. This is a play on 24 Karat gold.

Alice in Wonderland: One of the easiest Halloween costumes for women, this just requires a light blue dress that has big puffy sleeves. Add white socks and black Baby Janes, and you’re Alice!

Dolls R Us: Get painters’ coveralls, and pin big and little baby dolls all over your body. Wear a sign that says “Dolls R Us” or “All Dolled Up.” This is sort of a play on the Toys R Us store.

Baby Girl: This is my least favourite Halloween costume for women, but it was submitted by a reader so I feel obliged to include it. It’s easy to make at home, that’s for sure. Wear a nightgown and slippers, put dabs of red rouge on your cheeks, pull your hair back with a purple ribbon, and stick a pacifier in your mouth. You’re a baby, girl!

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Poem: Have you ever seen those little fridge magnets, all with a different word on them? It’s called magnetic poetry, I think, and you can get different themes. To be a poem for Halloween – which I think is an easy homemade costume for women – simply glue those little fridge magnets all over a white body suit. You can make sentences, or paste the words randomly.

Birthday Girl: This is a super easy Halloween costume – buy a birthday kit from the dollar store (the one that includes paper napkins, tablecloth, birthday hats, plates, etc). Glue all those cheap birthday items to a form-fitting track or body suit. Don’t forget to wear a birthday hat! In some Halloween circles, this costume is also known as Birthday Suit.

Biker Babe: This is two easy costumes in one: a baby costume and a biker costume. Dress in traditional baby gear (eg, diaper, baby bottle, baby bonnet, baby rattle) and traditional biker chick garb (eg, leather jacket, red bandana, biker boots). You’re a biker, babe!

If these homemade Halloween costumes didn’t catch your eye, go to the

Halloween Costume Ideas on

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Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for Women
These easy homemade Halloween costumes for women are quick and simple. They're perfect for October 31, costume parties, school events, and even trick or treating!

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