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Nana likes her Christmas gift! (photo by joshjanssen, flickr)

Nana likes her Christmas gift! (photo by joshjanssen, flickr)

Here are the best Christmas gift ideas for elderly parents or grandparents on the internet – they’ll help you wrap up your Christmas shopping with a shiny bow!

Christmas gift ideas for older people can be hard to find — use these Christmas tips to get your creative juices flowing!

Before the tips, a quip:

“If I had known how wonderful it would be to have grandchildren, I’d have had them first.” ~ Lois Wyse.

Before you get too caught up in searching for the perfect Christmas gift for your parents or grandparents, remember that you can do no wrong as a child or grandchild! Grandpas and grandmas love you no matter what – and so do your elderly parents.

It’s healthy and good for elderly people to be challenged and learn new things, which is why I think a Kindle Wireless Reading Device is a great Christmas gift idea.

That said, however, I’d get a Kobo e-Book Reader instead. You can take library books out on a Kobo, but not on a Kindle.

Remember that you can always ask your family members to pitch in financially! Pooling your money to buy a Christmas gift may be the best solution for them, too — buying gifts for grandparents or older parents is challenging for everyone.

Here are more holiday gift ideas for older people…

7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Elderly Parents or Grandparents

A book or class about computers or the internet for seniors. Many elderly parents and grandparents don’t keep in touch through email, Facebook, Twitter, or their children’s blogs because they don’t know how. So, a book or class about computers and the internet – such as Internet for Seniors in Easy Steps – For the Over 50’s – would not only connect them and you, it would keep their brains young, improve their memories, and help them stay in touch with technology.

Tickets to the Cirque de Soleil, concerts, sporting events. I once lived next to a little old lady who had season’s tickets to the city’s hockey team (the Edmonton Oilers!). She went to every game, and took a different person with her every time. It was fun — I went with her once — and I think it kept her young and lively. Tickets to events are one of the best Christmas gifts for elderly parents and grandparents.

Gift certificates and gift cards. I like giving (and receiving) Amazon gift cards almost as much as gourmet gift baskets! Good types of gift certificates for elderly parents or grandparents include restaurants, beauty salons, health spas, community centers, gas stations, grocery stores, and continuing education classes.

A book about writing their life story – or hire a professional! Many people don’t realize how much history is lost when their elderly parents or grandparents pass on, and they regret not writing down their family’s life history or genealogy. A great Christmas gift idea for older people is a book about writing your memoirs – such as Turning Memories Into Memoirs: A Handbook for Writing Lifestories – accompanied by a professional life history writer.

An annual membership to a local zoo, aquarium, or museum. Some elderly parents or grandparents would love to round up a few friends and go to fun places like the aquarium or zoo! For others, it’s a great way to spend time with grandchildren. A gift of an annual membership could encourage the family to spend more time together and get to know each other in a different way.

A memory quilt. Creating a quilt out of baby clothes, army uniforms (if your grandparent or dad served in the military), wedding dresses, and other unique clothes or heirlooms is a very special holiday gift. Quilts are both practical and meaningful, especially if you make it yourself – or make it with your parents or grandparents!

A monthly bouquet of flowers. A monthly bouquet of wildflowers, roses, tulips, or your mom or grandma’s favorite flower is a wonderful way to remind her that you love her at Christmas – and all year long! Same with a monthly bottle of red wine or Scotch for dear old dad or grandpa, or a small gourmet nut and dried fruit basket.

If your elderly parent has a pet, read 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs and Dog Owners.

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  2 Responses to “Creative Gift Ideas for Elderly Parents and Grandparents”

  1. Another fantastic gift for elderly parents or in-laws is a calendar with pictures of their kids, grandchildren, vacations, etc. I love how personal, creative, and practical this gift idea is!

  2. Thanks for sharing these fantastic ideas! I love the memory quilt thing. Hope I can make one before Christmas. The best gift for my grandmom!