Apr 252010
Giving Teens an Allowance – Money Management Tips for Parents

These tips for giving teens an allowance are from a money expert whose job revolves around giving money management tips to parents and kids! A parent asked me about giving her 13 year old teenager $50 a week for an allowance. Since I’m no expert on teens and money management, I asked the creator of KidsSave for

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Sep 232009
Getting a Payday Loan? How to Avoid Borrowing a Paycheck Advance

Money problems can make people consider getting payday loans, or borrowing a paycheck advance. Payday loans are small, short-term loans with high interest rates, which makes them a bad idea; here are eight ways to avoid borrowing a paycheck advance. “When many people get into a financial bind, they go to a payday lending store

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Jul 222009
Manage Medical Debt - 5 Ways to Pay Health Care Costs

Are you drowning in debt because of medical bills? Here are five ways to manage medical debt and pay your health care costs, from financial planning enthusiast and writer Clark Chambers. “In the ongoing recession, many Americans are struggling to pay their bills and mortgage,” says Chambers. “Expensive medical bills go unpaid because they take a backseat

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Jul 082009
Help Figuring Out Your Finances for Widows

If you need help figuring out your finances because you’re a widow, these three tips and five common money personalities will help.  Figuring out your financial situation after a spouse dies is difficult — and may be the last thing you want to deal with! But, it has to be done. Here’s what money expert Pam Stearns says about

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Jun 252009

This simple, easy comparison of compound versus simple interest rates includes two tips for maximizing the benefits of compound interest. Financial expert and author Adam Goodman also describes two surprising facts about compound interest… Before the tips, a quip: “Many of the biggest and most far-reaching investments we make in our lives are investments that

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Jun 192009
5 Types of Divorce - How to Get Divorced Without Money Problems

Choosing the right type of divorce can help divorcing couples avoid money problems. These five divorce options will help separated or divorcing couples prepare financially and emotionally to end their marriage. “Divorce can be very costly, depending on the method it’s done,” says certified divorce financial analyst Lisa Decker. “There are several options for divorce settlement available, some of which

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Jun 102009
Keep Your Credit Rating Good - Avoid These Common Credit Card Mistakes

You want to keep your credit rating good so you can get home mortgage loans and better interest rates! Here’s how to avoid two common mistakes that destroy your credit rating, from Chris Scully, financial expert and president of CarePlus Financial. Before the tips, Scully describes how long it takes to rebuild your credit: “According to the Fair

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