Apr 062013
How to Survive a Situation You Can’t Change

A teen wrote me, saying she hates how things are at home but she can’t change her family situation. These tips are for people who need help surviving things they have no control over. Here’s part of what she said: “Sometimes people like me, have to endure the pain and just go through life with

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Mar 242013
How Are You Coping With Infertility? Tips, Ideas, Stories

On my article about depression when you can’t get pregnant, a reader asked how to connect with other women coping with infertility. I don’t have an infertility forum, and I didn’t want to start a thread about coping with infertility on my fertility Quips and Tips blog because it’s too pregnancy-related. Readers have complained that

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Nov 282012
How to Overcome Your Fear of What People Think

Do you sometimes feel paralyzed because of what people will think about your appearance, performance, opinions, and choices? These tips for overcoming fear of what people think are from life coach Arianna Merritt, M.Ed. “For years, I kept my mouth shut as I was too shy to speak up,” she says. “While I wasn’t afraid of

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Nov 202012
How to Help Teenage Girls Who Are Being Abused at Home

It’s not easy to help girls and teenagers who are experiencing abuse or oppression at home, but it is possible if you recognize the power you have. You may have a lot less power than you’d like, but you may have more power than you know. Here’s an excerpt of an “anti-oppressive practice” paper I’m

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Oct 202012
Help for Foster Kids – 6 Ways to Overcome Shame and Powerlessness

I was in 3 foster homes before I turned 12; my mom was single and schizophrenic. I didn’t realize how rare it is for foster kids to overcome shame, powerlessness, and poverty until I wrote a cultural self-identity paper for school (I’m getting my MSW at UBC). Growing up, I was neglected, on welfare, and

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Sep 232012

Q: I am deeply in love and in a relationship with a man who is ten years older than me. Despite the age difference, we have a great time and lots of fun. My biggest problem with him is that I’m in my 20′s and life is just starting for me, but he has NO

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Jul 272012
How to be Happy When You Can't Have Kids

If you haven’t chosen a childfree life, you have to learn how to be happy without having kids. These tips on accepting life without children are from me – a woman who has accepted infertility. When Empty Arms Become a Heavy Burden: Encouragement for Couples Facing Infertility by Sandra Glahn and William Cutrer is a good

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Aug 262011
How to Be You When Your Family Wants You to be Someone Else

Your family wants you to be someone you’re not, and you’re tired of letting them run your life. Here’s how to be yourself when your family wants you to be someone else. These tips are inspired by a reader’s comment: “My family puts me down, and I have no voice at all,” says A. on

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