May 212012
How to Cope With Being Alone When You're Old

Don’t wait until you’re “old” to cope with your fears of aging and being alone! Here’s how to build a life of peace and happiness, whether you’re 45 or 95. First, read This Is Getting Old: Zen Thoughts on Aging with Humor and Dignity. Susan Moon writes about being an orphan and a matriarch following the death

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May 192012
Starting Over in Your 60s - After Your Husband Dies

These tips for starting over when you’re over 60 won’t solve all the problems that arise when your husband dies, but they’ll help you see you’re not alone. You were part of a couple for so long, and now he’s gone. How do you start over when you’re 60 years old and have depended on

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May 092012
Does Psychotherapy Work? 3 Tips for Analyzing Your Psychotherapist

For psychotherapy to work, you have to choose the right psychotherapist. These tips will help you analyze your therapist before jumping into weeks or years of expensive counseling. “Soon after I became a psychotherapist, I realized I could not become the type of therapist my schooling had trained me to become,” writes Manhattan-based therapist Jonathan

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Apr 102012

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) helps people who feel stuck in the past, like they’re making the same mistakes over and over. The foundation of this therapy is unprocessed memories, which cause negative emotions and reactions in the present moment. “EMDR therapy targets the unprocessed memories that contain the negative emotions, sensations, and beliefs,”

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Oct 162011
What is SAD? Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Depression

This description of what SAD is includes the most common symptoms of Seasonal Affective Depression (which is what SAD is!), plus several tips for treating this type of depression. “Long nights and cold weather days are upon us which means the ‘winter blues’ could be setting in,” says Oz Garcia, Ph.D., co-author of Redesigning 50: The

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Aug 252011
How to Handle Problems With Your Mother

What’s up with the mother problems? Every question I get lately seems to be about handling problems with mothers, or moms being mean, insane, or prejudiced. Here are some solutions to four different problems readers have with their moms, ranging from money thefts to cold, loveless childhoods. First, check this quip out: “Family quarrels are

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Aug 152011
You and Your Mother Can’t Be Friends? How to Live in Peace

What do you do when you can’t be in the same room as your mom, much less be friends? Here are a few tips on coping with a mother who is moody and unpredictable. “I’m 45 lost my job 18 months ago; and until May, struggled along as best I could,” says P. on Questions

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