Apr 082013
How to Help a Friend Cope With an Unhappy Marriage

A reader described her friend’s toxic marriage, and asked for ways to help her friend cope. Here are a few tips for women who are struggling with the pain of seeing their friends in unhappy relationships. Here’s my reader’s comment, on my article How to Stop Loving a Man Who Lies, Cheats, and Steals. “My

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Dec 012012
My Boyfriend Slept With His Ex-Girlfriend - What Do I Do?

Here are three questions to ask yourself before deciding what to do after you find out your boyfriend had sex with his ex-girlfriend. Yesterday I got an anonymous email from a reader. Here’s an excerpt: “My boyfriend cheated, plain and simple. I don’t know how to deal with it. Before we got together, he had

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May 062011
Is It Too Late to Fix Your Relationship? It Depends...

Here are five signs you should stop wondering if you can fix your relationship, and start taking action in one direction or another. One reader says, “I now feel we have maybe out grown each other and that too much hurt makes it impossible to repair things,” says N. on my article called Is My Marriage

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Sep 072010
How to Solve Family Problems - 6 Tips for Toxic Relatives

These tips for toxic relatives will help you solve family problems. It’s important to remember that the right fixes for family problems are different for everybody…and finding the right solutions may require trying different things until you find what works for you. “Life is like a ten-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.” ~

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Jan 192010
Why Couples Break Up – 10 Types of Relationship Problems

Why do couples break up? These ten types of relationship problems don’t just explain why couples break up, they help couples avoid the relationship problems that lead to Splitsville and the pain of letting go of someone you love. Remember: all couples face relationship problems, but not all problems lead to a breakup. Before the tips, a

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Oct 082009
Extrovert and Introvert Love – Loving Different Personalities

Extrovert and introvert love is different, but not impossible! Here are tips on loving different personalities — because introverts and extroverts can fall in love and build strong relationships. These tips for introverts and extroverts will help them love each other despite their different ways of thinking and being in the world. “We all use

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