Nov 132012
Support Group for Couples Who Can't Have Children - Social Work Paper

We can’t have children, and I keep thinking about starting a support group for childless couples in Vancouver. I got the idea because I have to write a paper for one of my social work courses. The more I work on this paper (which isn’t 100% complete, and which is due in three days), the

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Nov 122012
How to Find Happiness in an Unhappy Marriage - Tips From a Chaperone

These tips for being happy when you can’t leave your spouse are inspired by a woman who was married to a gay man for over 30 years. Cora felt she couldn’t leave her husband because people would talk. This was back in the 1920’s, during Prohibition, underground jazz groups (speakeasys), and corsets. Oh – and

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Mar 062011
Dysfunctional Families - 5 Tips for Solving Family Problems

If your family is dysfunctional, these tips for solving family problems will help you create a happier, healthier home life. Do you feel dissatisfied with family life? Do you find yourself spending less and less time with your spouse and kids? Or avoiding extended family members? You’re not alone. Families are complex, and having a happy

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Sep 072010
How to Solve Family Problems - 6 Tips for Toxic Relatives

These tips for toxic relatives will help you solve family problems. It’s important to remember that the right fixes for family problems are different for everybody…and finding the right solutions may require trying different things until you find what works for you. “Life is like a ten-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.” ~

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Mar 122010
When Your Wife Has Cancer – A "How to" Guide for Husbands

These tips for helping your wife cope with a cancer diagnosis are from two “breast cancer husbands.” One, Marc Silver, interviewed other husbands whose wives had breast cancer. “Men have an irresistible urge to ‘fix things,’” says Silver, author of Breast Cancer Husband: How to Help Your Wife (and Yourself) During Diagnosis, Treatment and Beyond.

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Feb 022010
6 Tips for Helping Your Spouse Through Financial Difficulties

Credit card debt, steep mortgage loans, and large medical bills are financial difficulties that cause stress for married and common-law couples. These tips for helping your spouse through money problems can help strengthen your marriage – even in the worst of times. Surprisingly, an overly supportive husband or wife can have a detrimental effect on

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