Apr 082013
How to Help a Friend Cope With an Unhappy Marriage

A reader described her friend’s toxic marriage, and asked for ways to help her friend cope. Here are a few tips for women who are struggling with the pain of seeing their friends in unhappy relationships. Here’s my reader’s comment, on my article How to Stop Loving a Man Who Lies, Cheats, and Steals. “My

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May 172010
Reach Money Goals Faster by Choosing Your Friends Carefully

Choosing your friends can help you reach your money goals faster – or stop you from reaching them at all! Your friends affect your financial prosperity, whether you’re paying off credit card debt, saving money for a home mortgage loan, or scraping enough money together to start your new business. These tips will help you recognize which

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Oct 272008
5 Ways to Help a Grieving Friend - From Practical to Emotional

Some friends need practical help when a loved one dies; others need a shoulder to cry on. Knowing how to help a grieving friend cope with death, loss, or major life problems is an important part of friendship. These tips will help when you need to support someone who is grieving a death, divorce, or any type of

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