Jun 302011

We’re doing both: saving money every month and paying off a big mortgage! These aren’t the little “stop buying lattes” money saving tips – they’re the big-concept ideas. Some financial experts recommend paying off the mortgage before spending money on vacations, cars, or boats (my dream). But we don’t want our $300,000 mortgage to prevent us

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Mar 162011
Is Paying Off the Mortgage Early A Good Idea? It Depends

Sometimes paying off the mortgage early is a good idea, and sometimes your money is better spent elsewhere! Here are six questions to ask before committing yourself to being mortgage-free within the next couple of years …. “With consumer revolving debt balances declining nationwide and home values flat, some homeowners are considering paying off their

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Apr 302010
Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster - 5 Steps to Your Last House Payment

The faster you pay off your mortgage, the more money you’ll have for…whatever you want! Here are the steps we took towards our last house payment. “Focusing on paying off the mortgage has [several] benefits, both financial and emotional,” writes John Heinzl in “The Best Investment? Paying Off Your Mortgage” in The Globe and Mail.

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Mar 192010
How to Recover From a Home Foreclosure - 4 Survival Tips

Selling your house can be painful; losing your home because of foreclosure is heartbreaking. Here are tips for surviving and recovering from a home foreclosure. “We’re meeting with lots of couples in this situation and seeing the stress this huge upheaval can cause in a relationship,”  say “The Money Couple” Scott and Bethany Palmer, authors

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Mar 152010
How to Repair a Bad Credit Rating After Paying Credit Card Debt

If you’re debt free thanks to good financial planning (such as debt consolidation), you may now wonder how to repair your credit report. These tips for repairing a bad credit rating are based on a question from a reader who worked with a credit counseling service to pay off her debt… “Four years ago I turned

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Oct 282009
Before You Sell Your House at a Loss – Conducting a Short Sale

If you’re a homeowner who has to sell your house at a loss (a short sale), you need to protect yourself with this information! These tips about short sales are from Ethan Ewing, president of Bills.com. “Many home owners are putting off a sale until prices recover. But some owners must sell at a loss,” says Ewing.

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Oct 212009
8 Tips for First Time Home Buyers - Credit Reports and Mortgage Loans

If you’re buying a home for the first time, you need these tips about credit reports, home mortgage loans, interest rates, finances and the cost of home ownership. First time home buyers are in an exciting stage of life, but they also have to have their wits about them… “Home ownership remains a good investment and a big part

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