Jul 242012

I better know how to get money for college or university; I have two undergraduate degrees and am going to grad school in September! If you need money for college, you’ve come to the right place. To get money for college – learn what passive income is Active income is when you trade your time for

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Aug 022011
36 Ways for Teens to Earn Extra Money

These money making tips for teenagers range from creative to practical, from blogging to teaching sports (my 14 year old niece teaches skating). If you need ways to earn extra money and you’re a teenager, you’ll find something here! If you’re a teenager who wants to earn money — or you know a teen who

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Jul 212011

These tips for college students stressed about money are inspired by a reader. He asked how to get good grades when he’s worried about his college loan debt… “How do you get better grades when you’re stressing about money?” asks M. on How to Get Better Grades for College Students. “I have academic goals but

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Jun 302011

If you’re like me – wondering if you should get a student loan if you can’t afford college – check out these five reasons to borrow money from the government or a bank (private loan). Wait a minute – I revised, rewrote, and reposted this article!  Now it’s here: College Students: 5 Reasons to Embrace

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Aug 272010
8 Money Saving Tips for College Students - Beyond the Basics

If you’re a college student with the usual financial concerns, you need these money savings tips! They go beyond the basics – they’re from financial advisor and author Randy Loren. Before the tips, a quip: “Success produces success, just as money produces money.” ~ Diane Ackerman. The more you save money, the more money you’ll have

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Jul 052010
How to Save Money for College - 5 Long-Term Money Saving Tips

Saving money for college doesn’t happen overnight. These long-term money saving tips will help you avoid taking on huge student loan debt. Even if you have to apply for a student loan to pay for college tuition and books – the less money you spend during the academic year, the more money you’ll have to either

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Aug 262009
7 Ways to Save Money on Back to School Spending

These seven ways to save money on school spending not only help you achieve your financial goals, they’ll help your kids learn the value of a dollar! “On average, according to the National Retail Federation, a family with children in kindergarten through 12th grade will spend about $549 preparing for school each year,” says Ethan Ewing of

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May 272009
How to Use Your Graduation Gifts to Pay Student Loan Debt

If you’re graduating from university or college, you may get a few cash graduation gifts. These tips for using your graduation gifts to pay down your student loan may seem boring, but I can almost guarantee that you’ll never regret being debt free… “Putting graduation gifts to good use helps start your independent financial life on the right

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Aug 182008
Study Tips for Adult Learners and Mature College Students

Achieve your goals at school by setting yourself up for success! This help for adult learners and mature students includes tips on improving study skills. Read The Mature Student’s Study Guide by Catherine Dawson. If you’re going back to school after a few years — or a few decades — in the workforce or at home raising

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