Jul 192013
How to Meet People When Travelling Alone

Meeting people has never been a problem for me when I travel alone, so when one of my readers asked for tips, I jumped at the chance to write this article! I enjoy travelling with friends and family, but there’s something about travelling alone that perks me up in a special sorta way. I love

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May 212013
5 Ways to Help Kids Cope With Homesickness at Summer Camp

Feeling homesick is normal for kids at summer camp, but it’s more fun if you can overcome it! These five ways to overcome homesickness will help kids, parents, and camp counselors. I went to Camp Timberline last weekend, and remembered the homesickness I felt as a kid at camp in the summer. I went to

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Jan 082013
How to Decide Where to Go on Your Next Vacation

Sometimes it’s easy to decide where to go on holiday – our last vacation was in Jamaica, where we celebrated my friend Gayle’s 50th birthday party. Other times, you know you want to get away…but you have no idea where in the world to go. Bruce and I recently decided to go to Peru, after

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Dec 212012
10 Gifts for People Who Travel

These gifts for people who travel range from practical to sentimental, but focus mainly on practical. Finding the right gift for your traveling friends or family members depends on where they’re going, how long they’ll be away, and how they feel about the trip. A travel journal. The Valery® Vintage String Classic Leather Blank Notebook pictured is

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Oct 142011
Travel Tips for People Visiting Africa - From a Canadian Ex-Pat

Are you living, volunteering, or going on vacation in Africa? These tips will help you travel to Africa; they’re based on my experience living and teaching in Nairobi, Kenya for three years. I also explored Ethiopia, Tanzania, Swaziland, and South Africa at Christmas and Easter – so I learned a lot about traveling in Africa!

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Dec 112010
What to Pack for a Vacation at an All-Inclusive Resort

Here’s a list of things you must pack for a resort vacation or all-inclusive holiday – from re-usable ice to hand sanitizer. These packing tips will ensure you won’t forget anything on your vacation. First, here’s a tip from a “Quips and Tips” reader: “Pack your own re-useable ice,” says Jeremy, who created a Stainless

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