Jul 032013
Signs of a Burnout at Work

The longer it takes to recognize a burnout at work, the harder it’ll be to bounce back. These signs of work burn out will help you recognize what you need to do to take care of yourself. Your emotions, relationships, cognitive abilities, and physical health will tell you what you need to know. Those four

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May 112013
3 Ways to Stop Being Paralyzed by Self-Doubt at Work

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a woman who doubts herself at work. Women are more likely to be paralyzed by self-doubt on the job, self-criticism even when colleagues praise them, and fear that they’re not good enough at work. Here’s what Lisa Bloom writes in Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in

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Feb 272013
5 Types of Toxic Coworkers – From Bullies to Narcissists

Toxic coworkers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. If you know the type of toxicity you’re dealing with, you’ll be better able to cope with difficult people at work. Spending time with toxic people, such as bullies or narcissists, can lead to emotional numbness, low energy levels, feelings of low self-worth, and even physical

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Oct 312012
20 Jobs for People Who Love to Party (Extroverts & Outgoing Types)

If you’re an extrovert who is energized by attention and excitement, why not find a way to get paid to party? These jobs for people who love to party range from teacher to clown. If you’re an introvert who would rather be alone or with one or two other people (like me), then it’s probably wise

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Sep 072012

If you’re starting a new job after being unemployed for a long time, you need to read these tips from a therapist, writer, and mom! This is a guest post from Heiddi Zalamar, who says, “I was very apprehensive and unsure of myself when I started my new job, even with my degree and licensure.”

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Apr 192012
Why Doing a Good Job Won’t Get You Ahead at Work

Being a good employee – doing a good job at work – isn’t enough to get you promoted or help you advance up the corporate ladder, says psychologist Albert Bernstein. Here are Bernstein’s tips for getting ahead at work. “One of the most damaging illusions that people hold about whatever occupation they happen to be in

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