Aug 252014
10 Tips for Finding a Washing Machine Repairman

Learn how to find a good washing machine repairman and ensure his work will last, based on my experience getting a Whirlpool washer fixed. These tips on how to protect yourself from a bad washing machine repairman will help you protect yourself from a shady repairman. The washer door seal on my Whirlpool washing machine popped

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May 112013
3 Ways to Stop Being Paralyzed by Self-Doubt at Work

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a woman who doubts herself at work. Women are more likely to be paralyzed by self-doubt on the job, self-criticism even when colleagues praise them, and fear that they’re not good enough at work. Here’s what Lisa Bloom writes in Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in

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Apr 302013
How to Stay Focused on What Matters at Work

Work distractions come from all directions – and what is your biggest source of distraction? You. Here are three tips for staying focused on what matters most at work. These tips are from Peter Bergman’s 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done (my newest all-time favorite life and business book).

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Nov 022010
Corporate Gift Ideas - Holiday Business Gifts for Clients

These corporate gift ideas will help you find the right holiday business gift for clients and colleagues. Choosing a business or corporate gift can be difficult, unless you know your clients or colleagues on a more personal level. You may need to investigate a little before deciding what to give — but even if you don’t know much

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Oct 262010
How to Telecommute - 5 Tips for Working From Home

If you know how to telecommute successfully, you’ll save time, money, and energy. You’ll get more done in less time – and you may even be happier and healthier! But not everyone agrees that telecommuting is valuable. “When employers analyze their bottom line, they find that teleworking seldom provides value,” writes Howard Levitt in “Telecommuting

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Sep 082009
6 Ways to Create Success That Lasts a Long Time

Short-term success is fleeting — you want to create success that lasts a long time. These six tips for making success last will help you stay on top of your game – after winning it! These tips were prompted by a reader who asked a question on my Overcoming Fear of Success article: “I have

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Jun 222009
Getting a Small Business Loan - Tips for Making Money From Home

Getting a loan for your small business may be the first step to making money from your home-based business!  These tips for small business banking are from finance and banking expert Michael J. Harris of Aperture Capital. “Know not only your banker, but also a few other members of the local office, including the Regional Vice President,” says Harris.

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