Mar 172013
Aboriginal Social Work Assignment - My Diary as a Cultural Artifact

The most interesting and controversial social work assignment I’ve completed so far in my MSW coursework at UBC  is the Cultural Artifact presentation. It was for First Nations Issues (SOWK 510) – and it represents the first time I emailed a university instructor to discuss her grading procedure. I didn’t care about receiving a “B” on

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Nov 242012
A History of Family Allowances in Canada - Emphasis on Inuit Peoples

Learning the history of family allowance benefits in Canada was even more fascinating (and depressing) when I researched how the Inuit and Indian peoples were affected. Not much good news here, I hate to report. Oppression, marginalization, powerlessness, and even “dog tags” or discs with numbers instead of people’s names are the themes of family

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Nov 132012
Support Group for Couples Who Can't Have Children - Social Work Paper

We can’t have children, and I keep thinking about starting a support group for childless couples in Vancouver. I got the idea because I have to write a paper for one of my social work courses. The more I work on this paper (which isn’t 100% complete, and which is due in three days), the

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Nov 072012
12 Ageism Scenarios for Social Workers - Including Reverse Ageism

These scenarios encourage students to think about and discuss ageism; they’re from our anti-oppression presentation for social work class (I’m a first-year MSW student at UBC). In our group presentation, our goal was to encourage our fellow students to think about how older people are represented and treated in society. Further, we discussed how young

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Oct 192012
Getting Good Grades in Grad School - 6 Tips From an MSW Student

How to get good grades in grad school – I’m an MSW (Master’s of Social Work) student at UBC in Vancouver, and I’m learning how to succeed without studying 24 hours a day (and learning everything there is to know about social justice! ). Getting good grades in grad school is easier than you think.

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Oct 122012

Here’s a sample policy brief for social work students, policy writers, and social workers. I’m an MSW student at UBC; this policy brief was for my graduate-level Advanced Canadian Social Policy class. My instructor didn’t give us a sample policy brief, so I researched “How to Write a Policy Brief” and read a few dozen

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Oct 102012
How to Find a Practicum Placement in Social Work

If you’re a BSW or MSW student, you probably need to do a practicum placement to complete your degree. I’m an MSW (Master’s of Social Work) student at UBC (the University of British Columbia) in Vancouver…and I’m one of the few BSW and MSW students who hasn’t found a practicum placement. I’m told that my

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Oct 082012

Social work instructors assign cultural self-identity papers because self-reflection and self-knowledge is key to a good practice. Here, I share my self-identity paper for Social Work 505 at UBC (the University of British Columbia). Feel free to ask questions or make comments – I welcome your thoughts! First, the assignment: “Identity is a moving target.

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Sep 192012
Sample Thesis Proposal - Master's of Social Work (MSW) Program

Q: How do I write a thesis proposal for my application to grad school? A: Here’s the thesis proposal I wrote when I applied to UBC (the University of British Columbia). I was accepted into the Master’s of Social Work (MSW) program; I’m currently in my third week! If you’re worried you won’t be accepted

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