Nov 162012
9 Easy Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Young – A Dermatologist’s Tips

How do you keep your skin looking young naturally? These tips that don’t cost money are from “America’s Favorite Dermatologist” – Dr Tess Mauricio. “Doing the wrong thing can certainly speed up your skin’s aging process,” she says. “You might be surprised at what some of those no-no’s are…” I don’t know if you can

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Aug 292009
How to Stop Winter From Drying Your Skin - Keep Skin Hydrated

Learn how to stop winter from drying your skin with these tips for keeping skin hydrated! You can prevent the cold weather air from making your skin weathered and flaky. One way to protect your skin is to remember that skin dries out if it’s deprived of water. This dryness often causes itchiness, resulting in a condition commonly referred

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