Boys Halloween Costumes – No More Buzz Lightyear

These boys Halloween costumes range from homemade (Nightmare in a Closet) to online (Buzz Lightyear and Star Wars). There’s something for everyone here!

Have fun exploring costume ideas with your boy; he’ll be too old for Halloween and trick or treating before you know it.

Before the tips, a quip:

Boy, do I miss dumping out my pillowcase after a long night of trick or treating! Sorting it, planning what to eat when, trading it…those were the days.

When you’re looking for a boy’s Halloween costume, make sure it’s comfortable and roomy, so he can collect his loot easily! Here’s a good example: the Star Wars Jango Fett Boys Halloween Costume (he’ll have to put down his weapons to go trick or treating).

If your boy is into Toy Story, check out the Toy Story – Buzz Lightyear Boys Costume on

And, here are several Halloween costume ideas for boys, both homemade and store bought…

Boys Halloween Costumes – From Star Wars to Buzz Lightyear

These are easy Halloween costumes for boys that you can make at home…




What are Little Boys Made Of? Take rubber frogs, rubber snails, and make some paper puppy dog tails and have them sticking out of the child’s shirt (open his shirt and have some of the items spilling out of the front of the shirt).

Lost Airline Luggage: Take a vinyl garment bag and punch holes out for his arms and legs. Attach some stickers to the bag — preferably some real airline stickers with destinations. Add a sticker that says “Unclaimed.” This is a great Halloween costume for boys who travel a lot!

Lobster: Find a red turtleneck shirt, red sweatpants, red knit hat. Put pipe cleaners for antennae on the hat, plastic eyes on the front. You can make good claws out of red plastic plates, pin to the end of sleeves. Make a shell out of cardboard for your back; use black marker to make shell lines. Take three pairs of socks, stuff with rags, pin to side of pants; tie together at ends with fishing line – connect to elbows of shirt (that way legs will raise when arms are raised). This DIY Halloween costume takes a bit of preparation and creativity, but it can be fun.

When you’re looking for boys’ Halloween costumes, don’t forget to browse the girls’ costumes! Read How Should You Dress Up on Halloween? Girls Costume Ideas.

Nightmare in the Closet: Cut the front of a large cardboard box so it opens like a door. He’ll wear the box over his entire body (including his head), using straps to secure it over his shoulders. Underneath, wear any kind of monster costume. This boys homemade Halloween costume is a good way to banish real fears of monsters!

Oscar the Grouch: Buy a real metal garbage can and attach straps so it fits over your shoulders. Wear the lid as a hat. Make an Oscar costume using green hairy fabric. Ping pong balls work well for the eyes.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm: Wear a plaid shirt, overalls, straw hat, and carry a pitch fork. Glue toy farm animals to his clothes.

Jack in the Box (a very young boy’s Halloween costume): Use a baby walker, put a large box over the walker, with a flap on top as the lid. Paint the box and put in a pretend crank. Dress him up as a clown, with a jester’s hat.

Lawn: Wear green clothes. Make a vest out of synthetic grass (available from a home improvement store). Attach a Frisbee, tennis ball, dog bone, fake doggie-do, etc. Carry around a pink flamingo lawn ornament. This homemade Halloween idea is good for boys who are environmentalists :-)

Online Shopping for Boys’ Halloween Costumes

If you don’t have time to make a homemade Halloween costume, check out these online costumes for kids…

Toy Story – Buzz Lightyear Halloween Costume – includes white bodysuit with green trim and attached Buzz Lightyear chest piece, purple hood and white boot spats with green trim. Now your boy is ready to explore space and fly to infinity and beyond, then be back in time for dinner, of course!

Iron Man 2 Boys Halloween Costume. Tony Stark just keeps on improving himself, so become his super-heroic alter ego, Iron Man, and join War Machine in an adventure to defeat Whiplash! This all-new Iron Man costume includes a chiseled Iron man suit featuring muscled torso and arms, attached light up arc reactor and 3 batteries. A matching helmet is also included in this superhero style.

Ghostbuster Child Costume – includes jumpsuit with front zipper, screen printed Ghostbusters emblem and vinyl/plastic inflatable “proton pack” backpack (may differ slightly from shown). Remember to pick up extra suits so you and some friends can be Venkman, Ray, Winston and Egon!

Didn’t find the right boys’ Halloween costume? Read Mens’ Halloween Costumes – 19 DIY Ideas for a Man’s Costume.

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    My favorite boys’ Halloween costume is a chef or baker. I don’t know why, because it’s certainly not too creative, but it’s so cute!

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