36 Ways for Teens to Earn Extra Money

    These money making tips for teenagers range from creative to practical, from blogging to teaching sports (my 14 year old niece is an ice skating coach). If you need ways to earn extra money and you’re a teen, you’ll find something here.

    I started making money when I was 12, babysitting. If I were to give my pre-teen self tips for earning extra money, I’d encourage myself to go into business for myself. I’d tell myself to start a blog! If you like to write, read How to Stay Motivated when You’re Starting a Blog.

    Finding ways to work for yourself is the best way to make money, whether you’re a teenager or older adult like me. Entrepreneurs are adventurous and creative, and enjoy the challenge of finding different ways to make money! Most of the money making tips for teenagers on this list are entrepreneurial in spirit, but many involve earning money the old fashioned way.

    These tips won’t work for all teens, but they may fire up your creative spirit!

    36 Money Making Tips for Teenagers

    Making money when you’re a teenager and feel like you can’t get a “real” job may require a bit of creative thinking…

    1. Offer to digitize people’s paper photographs. My 60 year old friends don’t have time to scan and save their photos, but they have the money to pay you to do it! (I think this is the best way for teenagers to make money, which is why it’s number one).

    2, Find ways to turn your hobby into a money making business (making cupcakes, making rubber stamps, creating tiles, taming lizards, and making natural organic soap are examples of hobbies that can make teens money)

    3. Experiment with lemonade or homemade cookie stands (when I was a teen, I made $52 in three hours selling raspberry iced tea on a busy neighborhood street)

    4. Sell jewelry! Princess Jones says, “My mom would actually bring a shoebox full of my jewelry to her office and sell to her coworkers for me.”

    5. Work at a carnival or traveling fair. I did this when I was 13 years old; I traveled with the Bill Dillard Exhibition for a whole summer! I didn’t make a lot of money, but had a fantastic time

    6. Mow lawns and do yardwork

    7. Do extra chores around your house

    8. Walk dogs

    9. Get a paper route

    10. Get paid to do surveys at home (this is  an investment – sometimes teens have to spend money to make money)

    11. Clean people’s cars or garages

    12. Ask your parents for a raise in allowance in exchange for extra chores

    13. Work at a fast food joint. “I worked at Hardees,” says Princess Jones. “It made me go to college; I worked with a son and mother who both worked the same grill.

    Ways for Teens to Earn Extra Money

    Ways for Teens to Earn Extra Money

    14. Did I say walk dogs? Or wash cars

    15. Weed gardens or rake leaves

    16. Teach skating, gymnastics, or other team sports

    17. Collect bottles or cans door to door (I earned money as a teen this way, and also found lots of bottles and cans all over the neighborhood. Some call it “collecting ditch bottles”)

    18. Look for lost golf balls on the golf course, and sell them to golfers

    19. Ask your parents if they can hire you to help them with their jobs

    20. Learn how to make money blogging

    21. Start websites or blogs for your grandparents

    22. Take care of your neighbor’s pets or homes

    23. Deliver community flyers

    24. Get a job with Dickee Dee (a mobile ice cream selling bicycle service)

    25. Host a garage sale (but don’t sell your family’s stuff without permission! That’s not the best way to make money when you’re 14)

    26. Bus tables or wash dishes at a restaurant. Washing dishes was how fiction writer Shawn Proctor started out! Now he’s working on a bestselling novel!

    27. Ask your parents’ friends if they’ll hire you

    28. Ask your older brothers or sisters if they’ll pay you to do work for them. Perhaps you can assist them somehow.

    29. Work at a summer camp or a day camp in the city

    30. Work at the concession stand at a ball park (this was my second job as a teenager; my first was babysitting. The concession stand was a much more fun way to earn money, but I made more money babysitting)

    31. Sell stuff at craft fairs and flea markets

    32. Be a mother’s helper (it’s different than being a babysitter – it’s more like being a nanny, but the parents are around most of the time)

    33. Teach seniors and elderly people how to use computers

    34. Running errands for housebound, ill, or disabled people

    35. Post flyers around your neighborhood, advertising your services as a teen willing to do odd jobs around the home and garden

    36. Tutor your peers…and if you’re a teen with money management skills, you can teach other teens how to reach their financial goals.

    The best way for teens to earn money: read 10 High Paying Jobs for College Students.

    What do you think – what’s the best way for teenagers to make money? Comments welcome below! I can’t offer financial advice, but I welcome your thoughts on money making tips for teens.


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    1. Laurie says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Sylvia! I have a Little Sister who is 11, and neither her family nor I have alot of money to spend on our outings (we’re part of the Big Sisters/Little Sisters organization).

      So, we need to find ways she can earn money to pay for the occasional expensive, fun activity – like skiing or snowboarding – and to pay for our scrapbooking supplies. We’re taking bottles back for a refund, and….we haven’t come up with other ways for her to earn money yet. It’s tough to earn money when you’re not a teenager yet.

    2. Sylvia says:

      Great Tips! I have two teen agers who babysits sometimes and they’re always looking for good ways to make extra cash. Thanks

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