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Best Travel Tips for Vancouver BC

A float plane ride from Vancouver to Victoria would be a wonderful travel gift! My husband surprised me with this trip for my birthday.

If a friend or family member is going to Vancouver, BC, you want to give them the best travel gift ever.

These gift tips range from Canadian gag gifts to practical gifts for Vancouver tourists. They’ll help you say “bon voyage” in style.

Here’s a Vancouver quotation (a quip!) to write in the going-away card:

“It’s one of the places that has that perfect, magical combination of mountains and ocean – and tons of trees,” says Jennifer Garner in American Way magazine. “It’s a vibrant place to be. The people are really nice. They love to be outside. They don’t take a beautiful day for granted. They celebrate how beautiful it is. I’m always happy to go to Canada in general, but especially Vancouver.”

Not only are the mountains and oceans magical – so are our sports teams! Granted, the Vancouver Canucks didn’t exactly win the Stanley Cup…but boy did they give the Boston Bruins a run for their money.

A fun travel gift for anyone going to Vancouver – to help them fit in – is a Vancouver Canucks NHL Jersey. You don’t have to be a hockey fan to support Vancouver’s most-loved team!

The Best Travel Gift Ideas for People Visiting Vancouver, BC

First, another beautiful quotation about Vancouver:

“I like Vancouver – the relationship to the water, the calmness of the people. I like that there’s less fear there.” ~ Wesley Snipes

Vancouver travel guide – a practical gift for tourists

Frommer’s Vancouver and Victoria is the bestselling Vancouver travel book on Amazon. If your tourist/gift recipient is in Vancouver, why not encourage him or her to visit Victoria, too? The ferry ride is gorgeous, relaxing, and fun. If I was visiting Vancouver — I live here, by the way; I was born in Vancouver, and lived in a gazillion different places before moving back — I’d fly into Victoria and fly out of Vancouver (or vice versa). I’d also make time for a road trip through the Rockies.

If you give your traveler a Vancouver guidebook, write messages in the margins of pages. You can write encouragements, Canadian travel quotations, Vancouver travel ideas, love notes, or jokes. You’ll brighten your traveler’s trip – especially if he or she is prone to homesickness or is traveling alone to Vancouver.

Does your tourist like exploring the unknown? Give him Secret Vancouver: The Unique Guidebook to Vancouver’s Hidden Sites, Sounds, and Tastes. He’ll find destinations that we Vancouverites know nothing of! One of the best travel gifts is encouragement to dig deeper into the city or country the person is visiting.

Another practical travel gift for someone going to Vancouver is something the helps him or her overcome jet lag. Read 7 Tips for Overcoming Jet Lag – From Melatonin to Ear Plugs for ideas.

A map of the city of Vancouver

Can’t travel anywhere without a map! It’s not the most exciting travel gift, but it’s a practical one. The Streetwise Vancouver Map is laminated, which is perfect for our rainy days. But, if you gift your traveler with a paper map, you can star the best places and best routes.

Rain gear – perhaps the best travel gift for people going to Vancouver?

I got caught in the rain in both Niagara Falls and Costa Rica, and had to spend far too much money on a cheap plastic rain poncho. Since Vancouver is known for her plentiful rains (and this spring and summer has been particularly sodden), gift your tourist with an easy-to-pack travel umbrella or raincoat.

Travel rain gear gifts include a Rick Steves Hide-Away Poncho that looks like a tote bag, or a Micro Umbrella that’s super easy to pack in a suitcase.

Don’t forget about your tourist’s cameras, iPhones, and iPads! Another good travel gift idea for Vancouver is a waterproof digital camera case.

Tickets to a Canadian band – or anything cultural

How about concert tickets to Diana Krall or Justin Bieber if they’re in town? Search Google for Canadian singers, musicians, artists stand up comics, etc and get your travel bug tickets for an upcoming performance in Vancouver.

Or, give a Canadian music album as a gift. Anything cultural that shows tourists what Canada is all about is a good travel gift: RCMP memorabilia or information, Quebecois or Maritime facts (though Quebec is a bit far from Vancouver), or Canadian Indian history. Again, it depends on your tourist’s interests, age, and personality.

Canadian gag gifts

Travel Gift ideas Vancouver Canada touristsThe best travel gifts for people going to Vancouver are fun ones! Canadian Bacon with John Candy (may he rest in peace) is a classic Canadian movie. It’s a funny, madcap spoof of Canadian living and American politics.

Other Canadian gag gifts:

You might even consider getting a movie about Canada’s Queen Elizabeth, or a DVD of Prince William’s wedding to Kate. The Royal Family isn’t a huge part of everyday Canadian life, but they are woven into our culture.

The gift of Canadian food

Another Vancouver quotation – this time about Vancouver’s restaurants:

“Vancouver cuisine is diverse and evolving. Restaurants serving Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese food thrive, of course, but so do those featuring regional fish cookery, Indian food by way of the Pacific Northwest, and French-inspired New Canadian dishes.” ~ Bon Appetit magazine.

How about a gift certificate to a trendy gourmet restaurant? This is a thoughtful gift idea for Vancouver tourists, because it’ll encourage them to eat in places they might not find on their own.

One last quotation about Vancouver, from a rock star:

“It’s an amazing city. It’s just got a great vibe to it. There’s an energy there that I’m enjoying a great deal.” ~ Michael Stipe, REM.

What do you think – what are the best gift ideas or tips for people traveling to Vancouver?

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