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A Venice Carnivale mask would be one of the best Halloween costumes for women! Image by Frank Kovalchek, via Flickr.

This list of the best Halloween costumes for women includes all ages, sizes, and shapes. The costume ideas range from pilots to can can girls, and include Victorian pirates, female Zorros, and peasant girls.

But first, a quip about Halloween from Gwen Stefani:

“Being in a band you can wear whatever you want – it’s like an excuse for Halloween everyday,” said Stefani.

Wouldn’t that be wild — to dress up like it’s Halloween every day, and go to work? It’d be exhausting for introverts, who don’t like to be the center of attention. If you’re an introvert, you might enjoy wearing a inside a mask or glamorous head piece, such as a Venetian mask that revelers wear at the Carnivale every year in Venice.

Whether you’re introverted or extroverted, you might enjoy dressing up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. If you don’t have long dark hair, you might need a Wizard of Oz Dorothy wig.


The costumes for girls and women in this article are good, but these are better:

And here’s a money-saving tip for Halloween:

Go to a second-hand store such as Value Village or the Salvation Army, to find ready-made Halloween costumes or eclectic and vintage clothes. You can shop with your costume in mind, or go with an open mind and pull something together as you shop.

Best Halloween Costumes for Girls and Women

Here are several creative Halloween costume ideas for women, girls, and couples…

Pireate Swashbuckler- a great Halloween costume for women is a strong, ruthless, seaworthy female pirate. You could dress up as the fictional Elizabeth Swann from The Pirates of the Caribbean, or real Mary Read or Anne Bonny.

“Wardrobe Malfunction” Costume – this trendy Halloween costume for women (not girls) comes with a huge naked boob popping out of a dress or blouse.

Jane of Tarzan and Jane fame – I had this Halloween costume for years, and never got tired of wearing it! I love how powerful, strong, and smart Jane is — she’s one of the best Halloween costumes for women or girls.

Wonder Woman – this is a tried-and-true favorite Halloween costume for women, worn by females of all ages! To learn more, go to Wonder Woman.

Sexy Witch Costume - ditch the old notion of a witch wearing a shapeless black cape and hideous nose. Instead, create a simple homemade costume for Halloween out of a sexy black dress with a ragged black hem and sleeves, black choker necklace, wild black hair, high heeled black shoes, and dramatic gothic makeup. This is one of the best Halloween costumes for girls and women — it’s a favorite every year! To see if this costume is for you, go to Sexy Witch Costume.

Red Can Can Girl – this may not be the “best” Halloween costume for girls – but it depends how old your girl is. It’s totally open to interpretation, and how she wears the costume. To learn more, go to Red Can Can Girl.

Female Zorro – if the Swashbuckler Pirate Lady doesn’t suite your tastes, go as a female Zorro. After you gather your sword, mask, and black hat – all you need is a white steed! To learn more about this costume for girls and women, go to Female Zorro.

Catwoman or Batgirl – okay, these aren’t exactly creative Halloween costume for women or girls, but they are definitely tried-and-true favorites. To see if this costume is for you, go to Catwoman, Batgirl, or Spiderwoman.

Gangster or Mafia Girl. This Halloween costume for women can be sexy, tough, aggressive, intimidating, and illegal – or a mixture of all of the above! Again, it’s a great choice for a homemade Halloween costume because it’s open to your interpretation and imagination.

Medieval Renaissance Queen or Peasant Girl – vintage stores may have tons of gorgeous dresses to choose from – but start your Halloween shopping early! For more info, go to Medieval Renaissance Queen or Peasant Girl.

If you want to dress up like a taco, read Food Costumes – Homemade, Creative, Quick and Easy.

What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever seen for girls or women? Ideas and tips welcome below!

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Best Halloween Costumes for Girls and Women
A list of the best Halloween costumes for women and girls of all ages, sizes, and shapes. A wide range of ideas for Halloween costumes.

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  1. girls – and women – tend to have a lot of accessories and extra clothes around, which can make coming up with a halloween costume idea that much easier. these are excellent suggestions

  2. Thanks, Stacey — I agree that womens Halloween costumes should be more liberated and less celebrity-crazed! If that’s what you were saying :-)

  3. The best Halloween costume for a woman I ever saw was Amelia Earheart, probably because I LOVE her and what she accomplished. I don’t think women should dress up in dumb stuff like Lady Gaga or Pink.

  4. Thanks for your comments. It’s not October yet, but people are searching for the best Halloween costumes already….I think we’re going to throw a Halloween party!

  5. I’m excited for halloween too. But I think you should come up with a better title for this article. Best Halloween Costumes for Girls and Women is so boring!

  6. I’m so excited for Halloween! Last year I dressed up in a traditional girls Halloween costume – a witch – but this year I want my costume to be more creative and fun. I like these Halloween costume ideas but still want to search for the best costume for women. I’m going to two Halloween parties this year! Should I wear two different costumes??? I’m so excited!!!!

  7. Since it is raining outdoors, I have time to start looking for the best Halloween costumes for women and girls. This is a pretty good cross section of costumes, but I’m looking for more trendy ideas. Like Lady Gaga or Ellen DeGeneres – those would be good costumes for Halloween!

  8. Thanks for your comments…yes, I like the literary Halloween costumes, too :-)

  9. I like your book character halloween costumes better. Those were some great tips.