Fast, Easy Men’s Halloween Costumes You Can Make at Home

mens halloween costumes

My husband in Istanbul, Turkey, drinking tea with the Turkish Tea Guys.

These ideas for mens Halloween costumes will help you get dressed for the party faster than you get dressed for work. You don’t have time to make an ornate costume, but you can still be creative with the stuff you have at home!

In the photo is Bruce, drinking tea with the locals in Turkey. How easy is this Halloween costume for men: white pants, a white man’s dress shirt, a red vest, and a red sash.

If your girlfriend or wife has scarves, sashes, or belts, you can wear them over your white pants and white dress shirt. Carry a serving tray (any tray from your kitchen), and some tea stuff.

Since most of us haven’t been to Turkey, we’d never know the difference :-)

Here are a few more ideas for fast, easy men’s Halloween costumes you can make at home…

Homemade Men’s Halloween Costumes

Street Bum (“Homeless Person” in politically correct terms: I’m updating this article on mens’ Halloween costumes, and actually haven’t looked at it in a few years. This first costume isn’t my favorite one! I’m working on my Master’s of Social Work at UBC, and have changed my mind about this Halloween costume. I no longer think that wearing filthy, ripped, stinky clothes is a good costume – especially if you carry booze in a brown paper bag. It’s a stereotype that isn’t funny, creative, or cute.

Are you into reading, writing, literature, or even book clubs? Here’s one of my most popular Halloween costume ideas: Book Character Costumes – Dress Up as a Literary Character.

Burned Out Social Worker: Now this costume, I can get behind! I have no doubt I’ll be burned out as a social worker a year after I graduate. Making this mens’ Halloween costume will be faster and easier than getting a degree and losing your mind because of all the stress. Wear clothes you’ve burned, charred, or smoked. The best way to do this is have a bonfire and get CAREFULLY close to it, so you smell like smoke. You might even burn a hole or two in your clothes. Smudge your face, neck and hands with charcoal or black makeup. You’re officially burned out – you need a drink, my friend!

Do you love food? If you’re a guy, you probably do. Here are some Halloween costume ideas that involve beef tacos and spaghetti: Food Costumes You Can Make at Home.

Cat Obedience Trainer: This is another fast men’s Halloween costume – especially if you’re a cat owner! It’s easier if you have a stuffed plush toy cat at home; open its mouth and sew it to the sleeve or neck of your shirt. It’s biting you – the “Attack Cat”! You’re the cat trainer, and you can even add blood and scratches all over your body. This is a fast, easy men’s Halloween costume that you can make at home – but it may offend the cat lovers in the crowd.

Is your partner looking for a costume – and can you go to the Halloween celebration as a couple? Read Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples – Beyond Lois and Superman.

Blood Sucking Doctor: Here in Canada we have public health care, so we don’t pay our doctors. But I hear that you have to pay them in other parts of the world…do you ever feel like they’re sucking the life right out of you? If so, wear a doctor’s coat or smock, and splatter red paint all over it. Put makeup on that makes you look like a vampire, complete with the vampire teeth, and wear a sign that says “Blood Sucking Doctor.” This Halloween costume is funnier if you actually are a doctor :-)

Here’s a final Halloween costume idea for men: dress up as a woman! Here are a few Halloween tips that are just as fast and easy as the ones above: Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Women.

If you have any tips for fast, easy Halloween costumes for men, please comment below…

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Fast, Easy Men's Halloween Costumes You Can Make at Home
These ideas for mens Halloween costumes will help you get dressed for the party faster than you get dressed for work. You don't have time to make an ornate costume, but you can still be creative with the stuff you have at home!

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